Brave Review in 5 sentences

26 06 2012

1. Brave is a good flick, but it’s no Up, or Toy Story 3, or Wall-E, as in it’s not as universal in its appeal or as original in its presentation.

Toy Story 3

Not even close. Wikipedia

2. Pixar failed to make me bawl like a small child, unlike Up or Toy Story 3.


3. I’m pretty sure even Dreamworks (Pixar’s ugly stepchild) never showed that many butts in a movie before; is this Pixar’s new thing?


4. For a brief description, imagine a Disney princess movie with a little more female empowerment, maybe not quite as much butt-kicking as Snow White and the Huntsman, but Merida’s pretty good with that arrow (cough cough Hunger Games).


If Black Widow and Hawkeye Had a Child

Avengers tie-in!

5. It’s high time for The Incredibles 2, can I get a Amen?

ONE MORE THING: If you’ve never seen this awesome Pixar Logo parody, what are you waiting for?




2 responses

26 06 2012

Definitely up to the Pixar Gold Standard (Up and Wall-E are two of my favorite movies of all time) but thank god it is at least a step up from Cars 2. Hopefully Disney keeps its hands out of Pixar’s business more often than not in the future but if it doesn’t I’m afraid we might have lost one of modern cinema’s greatest contributors 😦

26 06 2012

Yeah, to be honest I still haven’t seen Cars 2 hah, and the main thing I had against Brave was it felt too Disney-ish.

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