Dark Knight Rises Review in Five Sentences

25 07 2012


1. Dark Knight Rises is not supposed to be The Dark Knight, so swat that idea off your plate from the get-go; Nolan shifts from the style of film noir to revolutionary epic.


Bane In Dark Knight Rises

What. Now.


2. Cillian Murphy’s cameo was a welcome surprise, proving once again that if Nolan likes you as an actor, he’ll use you in his movies as much as he can (hello, Michael Caine and everyone else from Inception).


Dicaprio in Dark Knight

Nolan had Dicaprio in The Dark Knight, but later edited him out.


3. I had to eat my dismal predictions of Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman (although she was never called  that name in the movie) and Bane as a villain choice (during the final fight, I seriously thought he was going to break Bats again).



And I did.


4. I can’t say for sure if Dark Knight Rises is my favorite Batman movie, since Batman (and Michael Caine) were surprisingly short on screen time, and Joker is the only villain from the previous movies who doesn’t get screen time or even a mention.


Joker and Two-Face

Ironically, these two were used the least in the movie.


5. However, Nolan crafted a fantastic ending  to his trilogy, blending the signature dark tones, emotional tug, and storytelling to complete what will become the definitive story of Batman as far as the mainstream culture is concerned; it’s more than a great superhero movie, it’s a great movie, period.


Bonus Sentence: Would it have killed Nolan to pull a Harry Potter and make eight movies instead of three?