The Contingency- Person of Interest Review

28 09 2012

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To properly motivate myself to write at least once a week, I’m going to take a stab at reviewing CBS’ award-winning, excellent (I’m biased) show, Person of Interest. I also don’t want this blog to become a fan trip for the show, so there’s a good chance this will drive me to write even more on other subjects. Time will tell if this bear of an idea will dance.

Anyway, I’ll start small. “The Contingency” was the highly-anticipated season two opener for POI. (SPOILERS INCLUDED IN REVIEW). Here’s it in a nutshell:


The only dinner more awkward was on The Office.


  1. The writers continue to shift the status quo, with the first few episodes featuring a Finch-less Mr. Reese (Jim Caviezel) having to take on the numbers himself. Also, Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Fusco’s (Kevin Chapman) new partnership starts out with successful results, and provides a new way for the them to gently butt heads with Reese and each other. Again, changing the relationship dynamics of the team.
  2. The show’s humor is alive and kicking. Reese’s dry one-liners and Fosco continue to amuse, with Reese explaining how he got his badge my personal favorite.
  3. The now-standard formula of blending flashbacks, overarching story, and the week’s POI all worked smoothly, with this week understandably leaning more towards Finch’s (Michael Emerson) plight with Root (Amy Acker). The serial-episodic hybrid nature of the show isn’t going anywhere.
  4. Where it is going, however, seems to be bigger and better. Root may or may not be this season’s Elias, but we’ve also been introduced to shady government heads and a new assassin, and let’s not forget Reese’s old partner Kara Stanton  (Annie Parisse), lurking ambiguously in the shadows.
  5. The biggest revelation of course concerned The Machine. Yes, it really was The Machine that called Reese in the finale, and it gains something close to a personality in this episode. How? We’re shown it’s “Day 1,” connection to its creator, not to mention how it gives in (somewhat) to Reese’s “negotiation.” We also learn that Root plans to “set it free,” which considering its power and potential for corruption, is more than ominous.
  6. The dog “Bear” should definitely become a mainstay of the show.
  7. One drawback? The casino dealer would have totally caught on to Finch’s cheating.


Conclusion: 8.5/10 



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