Taken 2 Five-Point Review

15 10 2012

Taken 2 Poster

Oh, that’s a brilliant plan.

1. Don’t mess with Liam Neeson, I mean, Bryan Mills. This movie could also be called “One More Reason Not to Tick Off Liam Neeson.”

2. Yeah, it’s pretty much Taken’s less original cousin, but it’s still related. If you saw the trailer and actually thought Taken 2 would break new ground, I’m not sure what to tell you. It’s people like you who keep watching Paranormal Activity sequels, isn’t it?

3. One thing the movie lacked was the ambiguity of the original. You never saw the daughter or knew her situation during the whole search, which in my opinion raised the tension. When it keeps flashing back to whoever’s being held captive, it feels like any other movie where the audience is omniscient, instead of discovering clues with Liam Neeson.

4. I was disappointed Neeson’s friends weren’t involved more. That one friend was so legit in the first, I wanted to know what his other friends could do. I was kinda wishing they’d show up halfway through in a flying tank or something.

5. All in all, the movie mostly worked for me. I admit I had the lowest of expectations at this seemingly shameless cash-in sequel. However, there were still enough clever segments (maps with grenades!) and shock value (rooftop jumping, anyone?) parts that I’ll forgive the sloppy climax setup.  Just make sure you’re expecting more of the same.

One more thing: Rumor has it the studios want a Taken 3. Please, no. This cow is officially dry. It was a good cow, but it’s now a tired cow.

Call Me Maybe Taken

Unless it was this plot.




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24 10 2012
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