Triggerman- Person of Interest Review (Episode 4)

26 10 2012

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This week Person of Interest returned to its favorite standby, the organized crime world. I have to say, it’s great to be back in the “normal” swing of things, not to say the first two episodes weren’t great, but it didn’t quite feel like the same show. “Triggerman” pretty much describes the plot, although of course we got a couple of unexpected twists before the end. It’s always fun to see Reese (Jim Caviezel) matched up against another experienced fighter, and this hitman also had a bit of heart. One more thing before my random points- Season 1 had multiple story lines that mostly dealt with the characters’ backgrounds, and the writers leaked a little info each episode. This season seems to have replaced back-stories with the movements of recurring characters/villains, such as Kara, Root, Snow, and now Elias. Nothing wrong with character mythology, but it’s a noticeable change.


Reese Season 2

Reese and the POI enjoy a bonding moment.


1. What the Elias?! I doubt anybody really thought he’d stay out of the spotlight forever, and what better episode for a return than one about the mob? Kinda got an X-Men 2 flashback, with Finch and the chess-playing in prison.


2. Also noteworthy was Finch’s (Kevin Chapman) recovery progression- he went out by himself for the first time, and later corrected his “bad code” remark. Who knows how long Root’s influence will be felt, but for now it’s making Finch a very human character.
3. I love how the Geico Man keeps showing up in POI, and I kept waiting for him to make remarks like, “Could switching to Geico have saved this man on life insurance before Reese gunned him down?”

4. The writers continue to use “Bear” effectively without overkilling it. I’m glad that he hasn’t become a running joke (“Oh, Finch, that darn dog drooled all over your chair again! Zing!”), but instead stayed in the shots in a natural way without so much as a reference.

5. We definitely got another classic Fusco moment at the bar (“Merry Christmas!” “God bless ya!”), though I was hoping to see his lucky drinking buddy completely slumped over in a daze at the end.

6. This may show a bias, but I really can’t recall a weak episode of this blasted show. It doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum even in these “standard” episodes.

Conclusion: 8.7/10




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