Bury the Lede- Person of Interest Review (Episode 5)

2 11 2012

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“Bury the Lede” was definitely one of those episodes where crap doesn’t quite hit the fan, but you sit there watching it get thrown. Not only does a crooked organization resurface, we also get introduced to a new master (?) villain, AND Fusco (Kevin Chapman) takes a few steps backwards to his shifty roots. And the weird thing is, it was also one of the funniest episodes of this season so far. Most of the hijinks stemmed from this week’s POI, a feisty reporter (Gloria Votsis) who not only is gunning for HR’s head boss but also The Man in the Suit. Along the way, Reese (Jim Caviezel) delivers some zingers, we get a few good Fusco moments, and Bear the Dog continues to grow on Finch (Michael Emerson). By the time the episode winds down, we get a few bad turns and remember that Person of Interest really knows how to mix the light humor and the darker themes. Let’s move to random thoughts!


Bury the Lede POI

Reese goes Clark Kent.


1. Apparently HR wasn’t really taken care of in season one’s finale after all, and to be honest I have no idea why Simmons didn’t waste Fusco after he saw him working with Reese-not to mention the fact that they were both shooting at Simmons. Special Agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown) also shows up, so it seems like there’s a lot of old adversaries returning.

2. I like how Reese thinks glasses are a perfect disguise (Superman, anyone?), but really, if everyone’s looking for The Man in the Suit, why not change his clothing up a bit, and become, say, The Man in the Overalls? At LEAST wear a different suit.

3. Every part that involved Finch and  Reese’s arsenal were great character moments.

4. Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) reappears! And from the looks of the preview, we’ll see a bit of her next episode too. I still think she’s like a Catwoman to Reese’s Batman, but I also hope they don’t overuse her. She’s great in small doses.

5. Another super-villain has potentially been introduced; does anyone think they should deal with some of the original ones first (there’s like five of them running around now)? Or maybe the show is going for a true comic book feel, where villains become iconic and stick around in jail or in the shadows until they eventually strike again.

6. All in all, a strong, engaging episode, with my only (small) quibble being too many cans of worms opened up at the same time, with no immediate resolution in sight.

Conclusion: 8.0/10




2 responses

2 11 2012

Great review! I agree about the too many opened cans of worms also the character Zoe in small doses. I am still not sure of her purpose other than to throw herself at Reese. They are way too obvious with it.


2 11 2012

Yeah, maybe even just showing her doing things apartfrom Reese would help build her character. Either way, I’d rather see more of Reese’s old partner Kara Stanton more!

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