The High Road- Person of Interest Review (Episode 6)

9 11 2012

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This episode, Reese and Zoe face their biggest challenge yet- married suburban life. Person of Interest switches its normal environment in “The High Road” with Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Zoe (Paige Turco) pretending to be a married couple to get to know their POI neighbor and family. I was afraid that this episode’s hook with them trying to be a normal couple would fall flat, but surprisingly their struggle to fit in and figure out what suburbanites do were great moments. Along the way, we get our first (?) appearance of Nathan Ingram (Brett Cullen) this season, as well as Finch’s long-lost love, both in flashbacks. My only complaint? There weren’t really any crazy “Reese Moments” where he pulls out a grenade launcher or smashes everyone’s face in with obscure objects (although I counted at least two kneecap shots). Off to random thoughts:

Person of Interest Season 2

Reese and Zoe take on Suburbia.

1. If the writers aren’t trying to play up Finch’s resemblance to the Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy, I’d be blown away. His installation worker uniform was almost the exact copy of the Verizon man’s getup. Not to mention his “Can you see me now?” game with  The Machine earlier this season.

2. Speaking of distracting comparisons, how about Roy from The Office not being a jerk? David Denman is actually likable guy when he’s not trying to steal Pam from Jim. I kept waiting for him to mention paper companies.

3. A spot of trivia- Finch’s ex-fiancee in the show (shown in two episodes now) is his real-life wife, so there’s a good chance she’ll make a few more appearances in the future.

4. Fusco’s (Kevin Chapman) story is on hold this week, with the good detective absent the entire episode, leaving us with no development on the HR story arc.

5. I can’t say there were as many standout moments as other episodes, but the the story was interesting, and the flashbacks were a welcome return. Will Finch ever reunite with his crush? And when are we going to find out what happened to Nathan? Darn you, delayed gratification.

Conclusion: 8.0/10




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