Critical- Person of Interest Review (Episode 7)

16 11 2012

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This week’s Person of Interest deals with a surgeon’s choice between letting a rich, powerful patient die on the operating table or saving him and losing her lover. Before it’s over, we discover a new big baddie from MI6, catch up with Agent Snow and Kara, and have a reunion with a former POI. Yes, “Critical” is a very busy episode. While this show has juggled plot lines effectively before, I feel like the writers lost focus and missed the emotional potential of the main conflict. Also, I thought Wesley’s plot seemed a little overly complicated; surely he could have thought of a simpler way to steal money. I’m also not sure if I would have let a guy like Leon mess around on the main Finch computer. To be honest, I wouldn’t call this episode a miss, but a lot of little things piled up to make me label this my least favorite episode of the season so far. Of course, that still puts it head and shoulders above most other  shows out there. Random thoughts incoming!

Reese Season 2 Critical

Reese and his ever-present suit meet Wesley.

1. It’s obvious Agent Snow has completely regressed from main antagonist into a puppet, and a miserable one at that. He’s in way over his head, and I’m not sure if this could be his last appearance. Surely Kara heard him trying to spill the beans, and it’s possible he has outlived his usefulness.

2. If Wesley (Julian Sands) is to become a big villain (and they practically said as much at the end), then by my count that’s three recurring antagonists (Kara, Snow, Wesley) in the same episode. As much as I like recurring villains, this is the second new big villain in the last three episodes, and it’s seriously starting to get crowded. Sometimes having a single threat lurking in the shadows is more effective than a whole circus of baddies (for example, Elias last season).

3. Leon’s back! Will he make another appearance in the future, as they seemed to (blatantly) hint? And if so, why? Not to be critical, but I’m not sure what his importance is compared to other former POIs who keep showing up (Zoe Morgan, Elias).

4. Bear is on a special diet.

5. Finch (Michael Emerson) wins the night on best take-down. His “squishy” comment was delivered flawlessly as well. Between these and his moments with Bear, I think Finch easily gave the most comic relief this time.

Conclusion: 7.5/10



One response

19 11 2012

I do not like them pushing the same sex marriage on this episode. I like how they do it after the election. I have lost respect for the producers of this show and will no longer watch any more of this program. I am tired of having the gay agenda pushed down our throats.

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