‘Til Death-Person of Interest Review (Episode 8)

30 11 2012

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I think a better name for this episode would be “All About Relationships.” Or maybe something a little more catchy. Regardless, “Til Death” focused on not one, not two, but five different romances! What is this, New Year’s Eve? Each relationship is in a different stage, from beginning (Fusco and Carter) to over (Nathan’s)  to trying to literally kill each other, which is what this week’s number pair attempt to do. Somehow, this is spun in a humorous light by the end, because who hasn’t thought about blowing up their mate’s car before?

“Til Death” also featured an excellent series of flashbacks highlighting Finch and Grace’s (Carrie Preston) tragically sweet moments, although I’m not sure Finch will be able to shield Grace from himself forever, not to mention their real-life marriage ensures she’ll be easy to reach for the show (unless they hire hitmen to off each other). All in all, I enjoyed the episode’s blend of humor and action, and even though it was more lighthearted than some episodes, Finch longing for what he lost gave us a somber ending.


Grace and Finch

At least Finch scored in real life.

Random thoughts:

1. What? Both single parent detectives find love interests? There goes my theory that Carter and Fusco would fall in love and get married (I joke). But seriously, this treads new territory for both characters, and could also get in the way of their secret jobs.

2. Moment of the night goes to what I call a “Reese Moment.” Reese straight up hooding and throwing the Drakes in the trunk with Fusco looking appalled made my day, not to mention his attempt to hide their presence from his date.

3. This plot strained my suspended belief a little bit at the Drakes’ quick change from killing each other to deciding to have a baby. I mean, that’s pretty drastic.

4. Finch knows what the ladies like. Who would have guessed he was so smooth?

5. New Yorker musician Moby shows up to give a great atmospheric ending song.


Conclusion: 8.0/10

BONUS: I’m just going out on a limb here, but what if Nathan later turns out to be alive? That wouldn’t be a first for the show, but what if it turned out he had less than pure motives for creating the machine? Just throwing out theories, but that would be an interesting, memorable twist. Any thoughts?





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