C.O.D.- Person of Interest Review (Episode 9)

7 12 2012

CBS Person of Interest Banner


Let’s get this out of the way first; “C.O.D.” here means “collect on delivery,” not “Call of Duty.”  This time Reese and Finch play guardian angel to a taxi driver who ferries the wrong passenger around, and ends up becoming a target to one of New York City’s many mobs. I suppose it was only a matter of time before a taxi driver popped up; this is New York, and to make it even more New York-ish he’s even an ex-professional baseball player.

Fusco’s (Kevin Chapman) shoulder devil Officer Simmons (Robert John Burke)  returns with more forced dirty work. Apparently HR wants to mend bridges with Elias, but instead are set up by Elias to send a message. One dead HR man later, and Fusco now finds himself on Simmons’ bad list. All in all, this was a return to form for the show- HR, mobs, Elias- all familiar (but welcome) territory. From the looks of the preview (FBI closes in on Reese) and the ending (Fusco’s past catching up with him), it looks like it’s going to be one heck of a finale next Thursday. This show has a reputation to keep, after all.


Fusco and Simmons

Bonding time.

Random thoughts

1. Bear proves to be as adaptable as Reese- playing fetch one minute, tearing apart criminals the next. Talk about a perfect fit.

2. Just thinking out loud here, but why in the world has Fusco not reached out to Detective Carter or Reese for help with his supposed murder of an HR operative? He’s got a friend in the force and an assassin up his sleeve, and he’s afraid of what, them not believing him? Reese was even there, shooting the HR guy! Also wonder if Finch could just hack in and delete the camera footage? Maybe I’m missing some motivation.

3. I keep wondering when/if Elias will make his move. Even though he can still pull strings from prison, it feels like maybe an escape or another grand scheme could be in the future, but this is a man who likes to take his time.

4. If last week was a romantic comedy, this week was firmly (thankfully) back into a crime/conspiracy drama. However, still not sure what will happen with Carter’s and Fusco’s new romantic interests. A popular theory is that Fusco’s lady friend may be more than she seems, with less-than-friendly intentions.

5. If next week’s finale is anywhere close to the season 2 finale, it’s going to be epic, and that’s why it hurts to know I’ll be at The Hobbit premiere instead. Terrible timing.

Conclusion: 8.1/10





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