Shadow Box- Person of Interest Review (Episode 10)

18 12 2012

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If there’s one thing Person of Interest fans know, it’s that this show has some of the best finales, even mid-season ones. “Shadow Box” continues the tradition of non-stop action, humor, mounting tension, and twists and turns that lead to a surprise of a cliffhanger. The only downside is these stellar endings make the seasonal breaks feel that much longer. This week’s case followed a woman and an ex-marine taking on a corrupt businessman who likes to rip off U.S. veterans, which is enough to cause Reese to go rogue and put himself in harm’s way. Since we need a cliffhanger, Special Agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown) finally bags John…sort of. He actually catches four Men in Suits, and it’s clear that they’re all going to jail, but it’s not clear if he’ll be able to find out which one is the real deal (especially not with Carter at his side).

Besides the ending, it’s also clear big changes are coming to the show (again). Donnelly offers Carter a position in the FBI, which is equivalent to shooting himself in the foot (will he ever find out Carter’s interference?). Also, HR gains a new wrinkle as they seek to build a relationship with the Russian mob, which could possibly ignite a war between them and Elias. And Elias is the most promising character in the mix, as rumors say he may be in the same prison as Reese, and who knows if an alliance could be in the future? That could be one awesome episode. Needless to say, I’m thinking this finale may have some long-lasting effects.


Person of Interest Carter

If Donnelly only knew how bad an idea this promotion was.

Random Thoughts:

1. It was surprising to find out Detective Beecher (Carter’s new flame)  is the godson of the big, bad HR boss, but he could still be clean. Also, what is Fusco up to? And for that matter, why is dirty cop Simmons checking up on his own boss?

2. Bear gets a bath. Finch’s attachment is complete.

3. The two funniest moments to me were Finch describing his motorcycle experience as “exhilarating” and Reese using yet another crooked cop/marshal’s badge to get what he wants. Of course, seeing Donnelly’s baffled disappointment at the four Reeses was a gem too.

4. Person of Interest knows how to end an episode, don’t they? Their choice of songs always lend a cinematic feel, and this week’s “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones was no exception. Way to set the mood!

5. January 3 seems very far away indeed. To be honest though, I thought we’d have a longer wait than that.

Conclusion: 9.4/10



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