Prisoner’s Dilemma- Person of Interest Review (Episode 12)

11 01 2013


Let me start out by saying “Prisoner’s Dilemma” got my first perfect score. Now that you know the ending, let me explain. This episode had the best of every element that makes this show different; it featured an extra amount of the series’ recurring characters, had several laugh-out-loud moments with Fusco and a supermodel POI, pushed the core characters to the limit with a nerve-wracking plot, and ended with a twist I never would have guessed at the beginning. Seriously, this was a season-finale in the middle of January.

(SPOILERS) One of the highlights was the much-advertised series of interrogations between Carter and Reese, with FBI spook Donnelly (Brennan Brown) pushing hard in the background. This was his strongest episode yet, with a big payoff between him and Carter and John when he finally caught them. What should have been his moment of triumph was overshadowed by his wounded disappointment with Carter’s betrayal, and the his sudden death at the end gave his character a sort of tragic finish. After all, his motives were no different than Carter’s original goal in the beginning of the show, and I admit I kinda hate to see such an interesting character go. Tack on Elias helping Reese and Kara Stanton’s (Annie Parisse) reveal, and you’ve got one heck of cliffhanger.


Carter interrogates Reese POI

Above: Everything hitting the fan.

Random Thoughts:

1. Anyone who read my earlier review should remember my prediction of Reese meeting Elias in prison, and the odds of them forming some sort of alliance. While I was wrong that they might break out of prison together, we did see them meeting and Elias helping John, even saving him from a vengeful Aryan gang member. So, can I get a 70 for my grade?

2. I desperately wanted to see Finch’s plan to forcibly break Reese out of prison. I mean, Finch with a grenade launcher.

3. Speaking of Finch, he really shined this episode, showing that he was willing to blow his whole cover to save John, and his desperate effort to save Donnelly from Kara proved his moral code never backs down.

4. I guess Donnelly wasn’t as naive as he seemed of Carter, which made his character more believable. After his discovery, there really was no way the show’s premise could have continued, unless he joined the team (which he didn’t) or got killed (which he did).

5. Surprisingly, this was the least we’ve ever seen of a POI, which was played mostly for laughs since it was Fusco protecting a supermodel. We only saw the funniest parts of the case, and honestly, Fusco  jumping out of nowhere and firing two handguns action-hero-style was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Conclusion: 10/10

Fusco and Supermodel

I wish I could have seen this whole case.




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11 01 2013

This was one of the best Person of Interest episodes; I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching it. Just great.

15 03 2013
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