“Relevance”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 16)

22 02 2013

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Well, Person of Interest really knows how to introduce a new character. “Relevance” took the normal structure of the show and turned it on its head, starting with the abrupt cutoff of the intro and focusing almost the whole hour on government agent Shaw (Sarah Shahi). Apparently that whole “relevant list” Finch talks about? Well, that would be handled by agents like Shaw and her partner, who seem to work on a number each week like Finch and Reese, at least until they get hit by their own government. Along the way, we see our old government hit-man Hersh (Boris McGiver) and hacker Root (Amy Acker) knee-deep in conspiracies, and each gunning for Shaw.

What’s noticeably absent this time are the four main characters, which is weird to think about, but that didn’t stop this from feeling like a POI episode. Instead, we basically got the other side of a typical case- we saw the person of interest’s view of their situation, with Reese in the background and Finch not even detectable. Then, the two mysterious figures reach out of the shadows and offer help, and you see their work come to light. Some viewers may not have liked this approach and the lack of Finch, Reese, Fusco and Carter, but I thought it was an interesting change of pace and a great way to set up a character (yes, of course she’ll be back). Altogether, this was another tight, fast-moving hour.


Reese and Finch meet Shaw. POI

Here. Bear wrote you a note.

Extra Thoughts:

1. Leon again! Nothing like a recurring comic relief character to lighten the mood.

2. I loved how, when Shaw first got away, the agents who Reese had taken down off-camera were all holding their kneecaps. Nice joke for the regulars.

3. Another perfect song for the ending, although I didn’t recognize this one…if anyone knows feel free to leave it in the comments.

4. We’re still seven episodes away from the finale, but good grief, this season is picking up some serious steam towards something big.

5. I bet Carter and Fusco had an easy time memorizing their lines this week.

Conclusion: 9/10


Booked Solid- Person of Interest Review (Episode 15)

15 02 2013

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Person of Interest took a change of scenery this week as Finch and Reese worked a case side-by-side outside of their familiar location. “Booked Solid,” besides a few scenes of drama at the police headquarters (more on that later), took place entirely inside a ritzy hotel, and featured Mia Maestro as a maid and this week’s POI. No surprises here, we know she needs to be protected from the start, but along the way we get some political dirt and cool action pieces, with the top honor going to Reese’s fight with government hit-man Hersh (Boris McGiver). It was tense to see Reese meeting his (almost) match, and I definitely got a Bourne vibe from the killer-agent fighting the killer-agent with various weapons. Unlike a Bourne movie, Reese let him go (with 20 minutes before bleeding out), so it’s safe to say we’ll see more of Hersh in the future.

The secondary storyline centered on Carter’s application to the FBI. To be honest, I thought Donnelly’s death would cancel that plot line, but it was used more to raise Carter’s suspicions on her boyfriend Cal. Cal is the godson of HR’s boss, so it makes sense he could be under investigation, but there’s no telling if he really is dirty yet. Throw in a few Zoe moments, end with Root appearing in DC, and you’ve got a full show.


Reese and Finch Hotel

Room Service!

Random Points:

1.Gotta love the inside jokes, and Fusco’s “why is it always a bar?” question was great, even if he wasn’t paying for other people’s drinks this time.

2. Root’s finally popped up again, and I’m willing to wager she’ll be the death (literally) of the head government guy. She just doesn’t seem to like government employees who know about The Machine.

3. I love how money is absolutely not a problem for Finch. He just stinking buys the hotel at the end without blinking and puts the POI in charge. I guess it’s a new form of revenue as well.

4. How about Fusco having a “Reese Moment” with the two hit men? It looked pretty smooth, even if the “Have you guys seen a chihuahua”¬† line wasn’t.

5. I enjoyed “Booked Solid,” but I kinda wish they’d start playing more with the victim-or-perpetrator aspect more. It’s been a while since we didn’t know in the first five minutes.

Conclusion: 8.0/10

“One Percent”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 14)

8 02 2013

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“One Percent” returned to the classic person of interest formula, with the focus mainly on Reese and Finch protecting the POI, Carter and Fusco in the background, and some more flashback tidbits of information. This time the duo tries to keep in step with a billionare (Jimmi Simpson), who is essentially Mark Zuckerburg gone off the deep end. Simpson’s energetic portrayal of the eccentric, crazed genius is what really held this episode together, especially how he played off Reese’s straight man character (“I knew you were interesting!”).

The other noteworthy parts came from three flashbacks between Nathan and Finch, taken from three critical moments in their friendship: their decision to make The Machine, right after they gave it away, and Nathan’s decision to use the “non-relevant” list for vigilantism. It was cool seeing Nathan revealed as the one who actually started Finch’s and Reese’s work, and I’m thinking we could finally have a clue for his “accidental” death, since he’s no Reese, and the cases are dangerous.


POI One Percent

Like a sir.

Random Thoughts:

1. Bear gained a love interest in perhaps the most random side plot ever.

2. My main hangup is the whole Fusco hiding his past from Carter storyline. It could make sense if Fusco had actually killed someone in cold blood when he was crooked, but it was actually Reese who killed a dirty cop who was about to kill Fusco. Apparently Carter is the only one out of the four who doesn’t know, so why do they let Carter keep unknowingly threaten their asset?

3. There was no real follow-up on last week’s events. This is usual for the show’s ongoing stories, but I thought at least we’d get a remark from Reese about the demise of his old comrades.

4. After the insane, character-killing last few episodes, this one did feel a little slower-paced, but we can’t have Reese go to prison and nearly get blown up every week, now can we?

5. The last scene with Pierce giving Reese and Finch a watch with a hidden GPS seemed a little unnecessary, unless they intend to bring him back for another show.

Conclusion: 7.8/10

Why Pancake Day is a better holiday than Valentine’s Day

5 02 2013

single awareness day


If you’re like me, than at least one time you’ve said, “Wow, if only there was a better thing to celebrate in February than heartache!” Well, hold the gallons of ice cream, because there is! Today happens to be National Pancake Day, and it’s at IHOP, because they love people. Why is it better? Take a gander at these facts.

It’s rejection-free! What do you need for Valentine’s Day, reader? That’s right, money! Also, a willing partner of romance, and that’s where things get tricky. “You want to go on a date?” “Heck no!” This doesn’t exist on Pancake Day. “Can I eat pancakes for free?” “Is this America?!”

National Pancake Day

Yes, sir, it is.


Oh, don’t worry, I know there’s some haters out there saying, “This guy’s just a bitter old man-hen,” but that’s really not part of the equation here. As every experienced person knows, single lads and lasses don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day; to us, it’s Single Awareness Day, or S.A.D. For you love birds out there, cooing to each other on every social media channel available, Valentine’s Day really means one thing: meeting expectations. And who gets the responsibility? The gender who is least equipped to meet lofty romantic expectations, that’s who. Even if you slam-dunk it this year, it just becomes that much harder to surpass it next year, and before you know it, you’ll both be eating dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower with The Notebook playing, and there will still be an air of disappointment.

And then we have Pancake Day. This was a day borne with purest of intentions. There wasn’t some meeting at Hallmark’s headquarters; this was just some guy who one day said, “Shoot. I really love pancakes.” Then you know what he did? He cooked a whole batch of those suckers, invited over his neighbors, family, and friends, and they had a pancake shindig all day. One year later, they had finally all recovered, so they DID IT AGAIN. Simple. Love.

Dead Reckoning- Person of Interest Review (Episode 13)

1 02 2013

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“Dead Reckoning” brought back all the ghosts from John Reese’s past and continued to raise the stakes until everything (or at least two people) exploded in a fireball. You know it’s going to be a good one when the person of interest is Kara Stanton, who effectively used her “afterlife” to make Reese’s and Snow’s lives miserable. Snow’s character has been a rather dynamic one, as he went from the villain who was always in control to his humiliated, spiteful role as Kara’s puppet. He still played the villain well, and managed to back-stab two more people during the hour.¬† The episode started right after Donnelly’s untimely death, followed Kara’s manipulative plans to use her old partners, and ended literally with a bang, or more specifically a car bomb taking out two important people (or did it?).

Shoot, after these last few 24-ish episodes, with their fully-serialized pace and cliffhangers advancing the main plot, it’s going to seem weird going back to the normal person-of-the-week formula. Still, now everyone can chew on what Finch’s name on the paper at the end really means, and what will happen if someone finds that paper. Does Finch have a darker history than we’ve been led to believe? Overall, this was another attention-grabbing episode that still managed to fit in some strong character moments.

Fusco Carter and Finch

Who’s missing here?

1. What the surprise ending? Did Snow really off himself and Kara? It’s a fitting end to the two back-stabbing agents, but holy cow, I didn’t expect it so soon. Maybe it’s because Annie Parisse joined the cast of The Following. Who knows, she’s already come back from the dead once.

2. This may have been the closest shave Reese has been in, and it was a great scene between him and Finch, showing just how far each will go for the other.

3. Fusco was noticeably not the comic relief this episode. Anyone notice that?

4. Was the shadowy guy controlling Kara the same actor from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises (the Wayne Enterprises Board Member), or am I just seeing connections because this show is connected to a Nolan? EDIT: Apparently it was John Nolan, who is Christopher and Jonathan Nolan’s uncle, and by the way he was in those two batman movies, although IMDB doesn’t list Person of Interest¬†under his works yet.

5. I can say I have absolutely no idea where Finch’s involvement with the mysterious organization will go, although I’m sure it will be this season’s finale.