Dead Reckoning- Person of Interest Review (Episode 13)

1 02 2013

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“Dead Reckoning” brought back all the ghosts from John Reese’s past and continued to raise the stakes until everything (or at least two people) exploded in a fireball. You know it’s going to be a good one when the person of interest is Kara Stanton, who effectively used her “afterlife” to make Reese’s and Snow’s lives miserable. Snow’s character has been a rather dynamic one, as he went from the villain who was always in control to his humiliated, spiteful role as Kara’s puppet. He still played the villain well, and managed to back-stab two more people during the hour.  The episode started right after Donnelly’s untimely death, followed Kara’s manipulative plans to use her old partners, and ended literally with a bang, or more specifically a car bomb taking out two important people (or did it?).

Shoot, after these last few 24-ish episodes, with their fully-serialized pace and cliffhangers advancing the main plot, it’s going to seem weird going back to the normal person-of-the-week formula. Still, now everyone can chew on what Finch’s name on the paper at the end really means, and what will happen if someone finds that paper. Does Finch have a darker history than we’ve been led to believe? Overall, this was another attention-grabbing episode that still managed to fit in some strong character moments.

Fusco Carter and Finch

Who’s missing here?

1. What the surprise ending? Did Snow really off himself and Kara? It’s a fitting end to the two back-stabbing agents, but holy cow, I didn’t expect it so soon. Maybe it’s because Annie Parisse joined the cast of The Following. Who knows, she’s already come back from the dead once.

2. This may have been the closest shave Reese has been in, and it was a great scene between him and Finch, showing just how far each will go for the other.

3. Fusco was noticeably not the comic relief this episode. Anyone notice that?

4. Was the shadowy guy controlling Kara the same actor from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises (the Wayne Enterprises Board Member), or am I just seeing connections because this show is connected to a Nolan? EDIT: Apparently it was John Nolan, who is Christopher and Jonathan Nolan’s uncle, and by the way he was in those two batman movies, although IMDB doesn’t list Person of Interest under his works yet.

5. I can say I have absolutely no idea where Finch’s involvement with the mysterious organization will go, although I’m sure it will be this season’s finale.




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