Why Pancake Day is a better holiday than Valentine’s Day

5 02 2013

single awareness day


If you’re like me, than at least one time you’ve said, “Wow, if only there was a better thing to celebrate in February than heartache!” Well, hold the gallons of ice cream, because there is! Today happens to be National Pancake Day, and it’s at IHOP, because they love people. Why is it better? Take a gander at these facts.

It’s rejection-free! What do you need for Valentine’s Day, reader? That’s right, money! Also, a willing partner of romance, and that’s where things get tricky. “You want to go on a date?” “Heck no!” This doesn’t exist on Pancake Day. “Can I eat pancakes for free?” “Is this America?!”

National Pancake Day

Yes, sir, it is.


Oh, don’t worry, I know there’s some haters out there saying, “This guy’s just a bitter old man-hen,” but that’s really not part of the equation here. As every experienced person knows, single lads and lasses don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day; to us, it’s Single Awareness Day, or S.A.D. For you love birds out there, cooing to each other on every social media channel available, Valentine’s Day really means one thing: meeting expectations. And who gets the responsibility? The gender who is least equipped to meet lofty romantic expectations, that’s who. Even if you slam-dunk it this year, it just becomes that much harder to surpass it next year, and before you know it, you’ll both be eating dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower with The Notebook playing, and there will still be an air of disappointment.

And then we have Pancake Day. This was a day borne with purest of intentions. There wasn’t some meeting at Hallmark’s headquarters; this was just some guy who one day said, “Shoot. I really love pancakes.” Then you know what he did? He cooked a whole batch of those suckers, invited over his neighbors, family, and friends, and they had a pancake shindig all day. One year later, they had finally all recovered, so they DID IT AGAIN. Simple. Love.




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