“One Percent”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 14)

8 02 2013

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“One Percent” returned to the classic person of interest formula, with the focus mainly on Reese and Finch protecting the POI, Carter and Fusco in the background, and some more flashback tidbits of information. This time the duo tries to keep in step with a billionare (Jimmi Simpson), who is essentially Mark Zuckerburg gone off the deep end. Simpson’s energetic portrayal of the eccentric, crazed genius is what really held this episode together, especially how he played off Reese’s straight man character (“I knew you were interesting!”).

The other noteworthy parts came from three flashbacks between Nathan and Finch, taken from three critical moments in their friendship: their decision to make The Machine, right after they gave it away, and Nathan’s decision to use the “non-relevant” list for vigilantism. It was cool seeing Nathan revealed as the one who actually started Finch’s and Reese’s work, and I’m thinking we could finally have a clue for his “accidental” death, since he’s no Reese, and the cases are dangerous.


POI One Percent

Like a sir.

Random Thoughts:

1. Bear gained a love interest in perhaps the most random side plot ever.

2. My main hangup is the whole Fusco hiding his past from Carter storyline. It could make sense if Fusco had actually killed someone in cold blood when he was crooked, but it was actually Reese who killed a dirty cop who was about to kill Fusco. Apparently Carter is the only one out of the four who doesn’t know, so why do they let Carter keep unknowingly threaten their asset?

3. There was no real follow-up on last week’s events. This is usual for the show’s ongoing stories, but I thought at least we’d get a remark from Reese about the demise of his old comrades.

4. After the insane, character-killing last few episodes, this one did feel a little slower-paced, but we can’t have Reese go to prison and nearly get blown up every week, now can we?

5. The last scene with Pierce giving Reese and Finch a watch with a hidden GPS seemed a little unnecessary, unless they intend to bring him back for another show.

Conclusion: 7.8/10




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