Booked Solid- Person of Interest Review (Episode 15)

15 02 2013

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Person of Interest took a change of scenery this week as Finch and Reese worked a case side-by-side outside of their familiar location. “Booked Solid,” besides a few scenes of drama at the police headquarters (more on that later), took place entirely inside a ritzy hotel, and featured Mia Maestro as a maid and this week’s POI. No surprises here, we know she needs to be protected from the start, but along the way we get some political dirt and cool action pieces, with the top honor going to Reese’s fight with government hit-man Hersh (Boris McGiver). It was tense to see Reese meeting his (almost) match, and I definitely got a Bourne vibe from the killer-agent fighting the killer-agent with various weapons. Unlike a Bourne movie, Reese let him go (with 20 minutes before bleeding out), so it’s safe to say we’ll see more of Hersh in the future.

The secondary storyline centered on Carter’s application to the FBI. To be honest, I thought Donnelly’s death would cancel that plot line, but it was used more to raise Carter’s suspicions on her boyfriend Cal. Cal is the godson of HR’s boss, so it makes sense he could be under investigation, but there’s no telling if he really is dirty yet. Throw in a few Zoe moments, end with Root appearing in DC, and you’ve got a full show.


Reese and Finch Hotel

Room Service!

Random Points:

1.Gotta love the inside jokes, and Fusco’s “why is it always a bar?” question was great, even if he wasn’t paying for other people’s drinks this time.

2. Root’s finally popped up again, and I’m willing to wager she’ll be the death (literally) of the head government guy. She just doesn’t seem to like government employees who know about The Machine.

3. I love how money is absolutely not a problem for Finch. He just stinking buys the hotel at the end without blinking and puts the POI in charge. I guess it’s a new form of revenue as well.

4. How about Fusco having a “Reese Moment” with the two hit men? It looked pretty smooth, even if the “Have you guys seen a chihuahua”  line wasn’t.

5. I enjoyed “Booked Solid,” but I kinda wish they’d start playing more with the victim-or-perpetrator aspect more. It’s been a while since we didn’t know in the first five minutes.

Conclusion: 8.0/10



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