“Proteus” -Person of Interest Review (Episode 17)

8 03 2013

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New York can’t even catch a break from storms in Person of Interest. A giant storm pummels a coastal town in “Proteus,” and I’m guessing this probably wasn’t the most enjoyable episode to film for the actors, as Reese and Finch seemed to get soaked every other scene in the rain. This time The Machine gives six (!) numbers belonging to people all across the U.S.  As the team finds out more about each, it becomes apparent a serial killer has not only already murdered all six people, but would also take over the life of the victim before moving to the next one. Sounds a little far-fetched, unless these people were hermits with no social interaction, but with a little suspension of belief, this was an enjoyable and tense episode. The chameleon-like villain definitely earned a top spot for creepiness, and we got a classic POI episode of guessing who the killer will be.

The episode also developed the tension between Detective Carter and Cal, her former love interest who may or may not be a dirty cop. As a reminder, he is the godson of HR’s boss, but we haven’t been given anything absolute yet. He did manage to save the day, but one can never say for certain what direction this show will twist. One thing’s for sure; the character has definitely gotten more interesting since his introduction.  Can their barely-existent relationship handle this storm (har! har!) or will he end up being dirty after all? On top of all that, The Machine seems to be compromised due to whatever malware Kara Stanton planted earlier. As Finch stated, the real storm is just beginning.

Carter and Cal POI

I know he put something in my coffee.

Extra Thoughts:

1. I guess Fusco was sleeping on his couch the whole time. I don’t even remember anyone mentioning him the whole hour.

2. So Finch is a pilot, too? He probably learned through flight simulators, or maybe he wrote a master program for the world’s best autopilot.

3. I had an uneasy flashback of I Am Legend when Finch and Bear walked around the dark abandoned house…luckily Bear was luckier than Will Smith’s dog (sniff).

4. The blue screens on The Machine were definitely more widespread this time. I also caught a few more screen flashes with binary code. Anyone found out what they say yet?

5. Looking forward to the finale already; with that malware spreading and Root running wild, it looks like The Machine itself will be the one in danger, instead of Finch or Reese.

Conclusion: 8.0/10




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