“All In” Person of Interest Review (Episode 18)

15 03 2013

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“Ocean’s 4” would have been just as fitting a title for this high-stakes episode. “All In” featured Ron McLarty as Lou Mitchell, a genuinely likable senior adult with more to him than meets the eye (but that’s typical for this show, right?). What’s not typical for this show, however, was the not-so-subtle tribute to heist movies, specifically the “Ocean’s” titles. A casino job, designed as justice against a corrupt casino owner (Michael Rispoli), and carried out by a small team of wildly different people with specific skills? Come on! I actually got a kick out of this segment (“Finch’s 4?” Okay. I’m done), surprisingly, and it was a fun change of pace that actually worked.

Leon (Ken Leung) also made another appearance, making this the third time his number came up. His character is effective because he comes out of nowhere, has a few comedic moments, and then is gone before all the humor is dried up. Meanwhile, Carter worked to free the Geico commercial guy from false evidence planted by HR (who else?), who wanted to gain points with the Russian mob. Alas, after all the cutesy getaways and saving people and clearing a good cop’s name, (SPOILER) the HR boss gunned down the Geico guy. The Geico guy! I enjoyed seeing the “woodchuck chuck wood” guy on a show. I wonder if switching to Geico could have saved on his life insurance. (SPOILER END). But, it was a twist that I didn’t see coming. What else is going through my head? Read on!


POI Reese Casino

What happens when The Machine doesn’t help you gamble.

Random Thoughts:

1. I’m not sure whose idea it was to bench Fusco, but he’s really been MIA for at least two episodes now. It’s been a while since his big adventure with the Victoria’s Secret model POI.

2. I love how Leon’s face brightened up when he found out the Nigerians were planning to actually kill him (which would bring up his number). When Reese is in town, that’s the best thing that can happen, I guess.

3. The best moment may go to when Louie took the bullet out of the gun, told him off, and punched him.

4. I’ve gotta find out what all these blue screens (from The Machine) are saying. Google it, I guess.

5. Is it just me, or does Person of Interest make Thursdays so much better?






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