Olympus Has Fallen 5-Point Review

25 03 2013

Morgan Freeman Aaron Eckhart Gerard Butler

Three reasons to watch this movie.


1. Olympus Has Fallen has been called “the best Die Hard movie of the year” (they didn’t mean it, Bruce Willis), and it’s basically what would happen if Die Hard and  Air Force One had a baby. Is that a bad thing? No, no it’s not.


2. Gerard Butler,  Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart all play their parts perfectly, giving us not only tough-as-nails characters, but genuinely likable ones at that, with Butler and Eckhart selling their bro friendship effortlessly. Even if the trauma doesn’t push President Asher into becoming President Two-Face (though the White House at the end looked like his hideout).


President Two-Face

Bet more people would watch The State of the Union Address.


3. Is the action good? Well, YES. Let’s just say Gerard Butler takes out a guy using the most American way possible in the Oval Office (Abe Lincoln is involved).

Abraham Lincoln

Bringing justice from beyond!


4. My one point of frustration during the movie (besides seeing all this happen to the U.S. of A.) was (SPOILERS) how easily the President gave away freakin’ nuclear codes away, just so someone in his Cabinet wouldn’t die. I mean, yeah, of course you wouldn’t want that to happen, but literally (cue Jack Bauer voice) MILLIONS OF LIVES WERE IN DANGER. I dunno, it’s not like they would really have killed the people who knew the code anyway, unless it was after they told the code (which they did). (END SPOILERS)


5. Speaking of Jack Bauer, this seemed very 24-ish, didn’t it? Maybe because of that one season? Again, not a bad thing, but what made me cringe was when I read this article about the copycat movie coming out in three months. Would I rather see Jamie Foxx be the President, this next movie asks? I’d rather watch President Two-Face.

Or Acting President Freeman.

Or Acting President Freeman.





One response

27 03 2013

Mindless movie, but a very fun one that makes you almost feel like a kid again. Almost. Good review.

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