“Trojan Horse” Person of Interest Review (Episode 19)

5 04 2013

CBS Person of Interest Banner Trojan Horse


As the finale approaches, the plot thickens. There were so many recurring characters and side plots tonight, it felt like a reunion episode or something. “Trojan Horse” (those Person of Interest writers really like their tech titles, don’t they?) had Finch and Reese following a leading tech executive (Traci Thoms) of a massive company. Of course, there’s always more hiding inside (like a Trojan horse! ha! ha!), and by the end they’re running from something bigger than corporate espionage- a national security threat in the form of informational breaches. A threat in the form of China and John Nolan, the mastermind introduced in an earlier episode (does he have a name yet? I can’t remember).

Who else popped up? None other than Elias, who seems to have become a chess fanatic while in prison. It’s safe to say he’ll have a role to play before the end- especially when he blatantly says “don’t count me out yet.” Also former agent Shaw (Sarah Shahi) comes out of nowhere to do what only one other person has done- find and break into the Finch Nest. After a few one-liners about finding Finch and “his socially maladjusted guard dog- and Bear,” she again refuses an alliance but takes from Finch the known address of (wait for it) Root. How’s THAT going to be for a good side-plot? It’s pretty much like seeing the female versions of Reese and Finch go to war. All this to say, it should be a fun last few episodes.

One shocker (sort of) came in the (SPOILER) sudden demise of Detective Cal Beecher (Sterling K. Brown), or just Cal. He went from potential love interest for Carter to maybe-a-HR-bad-guy, and then he finally gets cleared right before he gets shot down. It hurt a little to see him go in such a tragic and sudden way, but I actually expected more development from the character. It  almost felt like the writers got tired of him. It’s tragic in that Carter and he will never get resolution. (END SPOILERS)


POI Episode 18 Season 2

Two peas in a pod.

Extra Thoughts:

1. Anyone notice there was no kneecap-shooting tonight? Reese didn’t mess around this time, unfortunately for the baddies, and our running Kneecap Tally.

2. Whenever Finch talks about advanced tech stuff, I feel like a kid in the special class.

3. Since when has Fusco been the serious guy? I miss his comic relief parts.

4. Can a computer really be hacked into BURSTING INTO FLAMES? I wanted to cry foul, but honestly that was too awesome.

5. Would it kill CBS to have more than one new episode of POI in a row? Geez.

Conclusion: 8.5/10




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