“Oblivion”- Spoiler-less Review

23 04 2013

Oblivion Poster

At beautiful Scientology Falls


1. Like many of you, I went to see Morgan Freeman’s voice last weekend. He happened to be in Oblivion, whose writer of Oblivion either wanted to pay tribute to other sci-fi movies/video games or just couldn’t think of anything new. Maybe both. Anyway, I kept having flashbacks during the movie- flashbacks of other movies that had already explored whatever plot device was onscreen.


Wall-E Oblivion

I need to watch Wall-E again.


2. That’s not to say I disliked the movie. Think of it as a comedic Presidential impersonator- you know that’s not really the Commander in Chief, but he looks good, he’s entertaining, and everyone’s having such a good time, so how can you care?


And it has Morgan Freeman's voice.

And it has Morgan Freeman’s voice.


3. This came from Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, so of course there’s a lot of visual and aural pizazz and glowing things to go around. What can I say? Cruise’s space ship gave me chill bumps when it first started up and back-flipped off the pad. The drones were pretty sweet too, until I started imagining them as flying killer R2-D2s.


R2D2 drone

R2’s tired of your #$@&.


4. For me, the film lost a little bit of traction towards the end, mostly because at that point the sorta-generic science fiction plot twists went into hyper mode, and it was a little hard to have everything sink in as much as it should have. It felt like they drew titles out of a hat for ending ideas (“The Matrix? Is that still cool? Hmm, how about all the drones look like something from “Portal?”)


Are they an effective team?

Are they an effective team?


5. Surprisingly, Tom Cruise didn’t get on my nerves once this movie, so that’s something I guess. Also, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) was my personal favorite, not that Olga Kurylenko as Julia was bad (not in the least). Riseborough just nailed every little nuance of emotion, creating a rather intricate character. And Morgan Freeman? Well, he looked pretty BA in his costume, but he wasn’t really a standout in the grand scheme of the movie, but the writing didn’t give him much to chew on.


Morgan Freeman Oblivion

Not pictured: Morgan Freeman’s voice

In conclusion, Oblivion really wishes it was more original, and it’s so slick, stylish, and stirring, you’ll probably wish it were, too.





3 responses

24 04 2013

Nice review. It’s fine for a sci-fi lover, but everybody else may find themselves wanting more. I’m one of those people.

24 04 2013

I agree, and he has been in a sci-fi that was better for more audiences- Minority Report. This one seems more pigeon-holed.

13 06 2014
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