“In Extremis” Person of Interest Review (Episode 20)

26 04 2013

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How do you save someone who’s already been murdered? Reese finds out you can’t, but apparently taking down the jerk who killed him helps a lot. “In Extremis” follows a shining star of a doctor (Dennis Boutsikaris) who gets poisoned before the first commercial break. At least there’s a few hours before the inevitable death, so in the meantime he and Reese find out the who and why of the murder, ending with a dose of vigilante justice (no kneecaps this time).

Meanwhile, Carter is reeling from both the death of Cal and new charges that are brought against Fusco concerning all those skeletons in his closet. There’s a pretty cool payoff for anyone who saw (and still remembers) the show’s pilot two seasons ago- the back story of Detective Stills and Fusco’s descent into really bad cop stuff. This was definitely a heavier episode than usual. On one side, Fusco and Carter both feel the sting from Fusco’s bad past decisions; on the other, we see a man living the last few hours of his life, not only catching the perpetrator but also saying farewell to his family members. To top it off, The Machine seemed to kick the bucket at the very end. No Fusco comic relief or Bear cute moments-welcome to the real world kiddos (said the cold, cruel writers).


Reese POI

Dead man walking.

Random Thoughts:

1. What in the world kind of finale are we heading to? One filled with awesomeness, apparently. Anyone lucky enough to see next week’s teaser caught a glimpse of a Machine on life support, and Finch reaching out to his former kidnapper to save it?! Talk about being brave or stupid, maybe both. Still, any episode with Root definitely makes things get twisted and interesting.

2. It was nice to see the same actor playing Stills. I kind of doubt he knew at the time how big the show would get, or he might have tried to get a better contract than “appear in the pilot and then one more time at the end of the second season.” But heck, if I had a chance to come back, I’d take it.

3. I’m going out on a limb here, and predicting either during the finale or early next season Reese and/or Finch and Root may be taking a trip to the actual physical location of The Machine, or at least where the drives are located. That’s what she’s been looking for since the beginning, and I doubt they just want another hacker on board.

4. Elias almost seems to have more power in prison, doesn’t he? It has been interesting to see this unlikely (probably temporary) alliance develop between him and the duo, as he’s pulled strings for them a few times now.

5. This episode really stressed the antihero nature of Reese and Fusco; I mean, Jon straight up poisoned the evil millionaire murderer, which maybe would have bothered me if he hadn’t been an evil millionaire murderer. Maybe getting shot in the kneecap isn’t the worst thing that can happen after all.


Conclusion: 8.3/10




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