“Zero Day” Person of Interest Review (Episode 21)

3 05 2013

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“Zero Day” definitely is meant to set up next week’s season finale. But is this a filler POI episode? Absolutely not- if anything, I would call this Part 1 of the finale. We finally get to learn more about The Machine-and its connection to Finch (and Nathan). Apparently, the poor thing started to grow a personality, but Finch found out long ago and has had it delete itself (minus the numbers information) every night. Thus, every night at midnight (cue dramatic music) it is essentially reborn. That is, if it hadn’t been printing out code versions of its “memories” everyday, then having real (clueless) people  manually type it back into itself. Holy Sci-Fi, Batman! Person of Interest always has been based on a bit of science fiction (maybe not as much as we think), but this episode went a wee further down the rabbit hole.

However, in my opinion, these twists completely worked- I completely did not see any of it coming (The Machine made its own ghost person, what?), and it sets up a heck of a finale. Basically Decima Technologies’ virus wasn’t meant to destroy The Machine, only get it to reboot itself, at which point it calls a toll phone, and whoever answers gets full administrative access for a day. Little handy, maybe. But at least it gave an excuse for Finch to have an awkward reunion and team-up with everyone’s favorite cute sociopath, Root (Amy Acker). Throw in Carter getting framed for a possible unarmed shooting of a civilian, and you get the feeling next week will feature more than fetch with Bear.


Finch POI Root Season 2

The happy couple.

Random Thoughts:

1. Fusco, where art thou? Last week really gave a lot of time to him, but that doesn’t mean we had to take a complete break from the character. Of course, it’s understood that he’ll play a role in the finale with everyone else. Speaking of, we didn’t see Bear either this time- could Fusco be using him for the case?

2. Some episodes I like Shaw (Sarah Shahi). Others, I don’t really care for her. This was a “like” episode. Seeing her actually working with Reese? They didn’t even break a sweat clearing buildings.

3. Speaking of girl power, how about Root sweetly threatening Grace to Finch? That’s crossing a big line. Now I’m hoping for a cat fight between her and Root, just because that would be a really short cat fight (taser or not).

4. I always enjoy seeing flashbacks between Finch and Nathan, but these were especially good. Seeing how Nathan thought like Finch before even Finch did was surprising, and it was chilling to see the moment Nathan’s number came up, right after Finch shut it off.

5. So next episode, we’ve got HR aiming for Carter, Ominous White Haired Man (John Nolan) trying to take the world with Decima Tech, with Reese/Shaw and Finch/Root paired up trying to stop him. To be honest, I really don’t know what kind of changes are coming for any of those characters. It’s definitely finale time.


Conclusion: 8.5/10




3 responses

3 05 2013
ayush (@Ayush_A)

Best Episode yet of the series IMO , so much happening around in just 42 mins brilliant writing

3 05 2013
Steve C

Bear was lying net to Finch, the first time he appears. Later, when Finch goes for a walk and asks the surveillance camera/Machine what it’s doing, he has Bear with him.

3 05 2013

Wow, that’s completely correct; forgot that moment with everything else flying around. Scratch that theory!

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