Fast & Furious 6 Review

30 05 2013


I had to laugh when the logo for Original Films came on before this movie. If the fifth sequel to an actually-original movie is put out by them, what does Unoriginal Films produce? Romantic comedy spinoffs? Anyway, I had only previously seen Fast & Furious 5 before this, but rest assured I was filled in with all the relevant plot points (I think there were two). Due to my handicap, I’m throwing out a abbreviated review. A “fast” review, if you will (har-har!)



1. What does it take to assemble the daring Fast and Furious team together again for another movie? Besides studio execs wanting another cash cow sequel? Well, basically The Rock (called Hobbs in the series, but hey guys, he’s The Rock) needs Dom and Brian’s crew to take down a mustachioed villain (aw yeah!) in London. The villain Shaw also has a rival driving team, who are basically evil versions of Dom’s team (this is humorously explained by Roman and Tej).


2. Yeah, the cars are all awesome and this is definitely a man movie.  Next.


3. The action is awesomely fun but is hilariously overblown. I realized it was time to put my brain on the shelf the third time someone jumped out of their car and flew 40 feet in the air like some sort of flying squirrel on crack. But hey, the trailer showed a car shooting out of the nose of a moving, exploding plane, so it’s not like they falsely advertised. Speaking of the plane sequence, I’m pretty sure that runway was roughly the length of Texas.


tank scene

Pictured: Not physics


4. I’ve never been a fan of random “celebrity” appearances in a movie (it’s a movie, aren’t they all celebrities?). Turns one awkwardly random character was Rita Ora (apparently a British singer who is not Adele). Dunno why this stuck out so much to me, but it was probably her character’s only scene as a race starter girl where she awkwardly delivers a block of monologue that ended with the gem, “This is London, baby.” Then they start the race and we’re left wondering what just happened.


5. All in all, the movie pulls into first (zing!) with the believable relationships between the crew members. Mia and Han (tear drop), Roman and Tej, and Dom and Brian are all effective duos that sell the whole “family” aspect of the team. Dwayne Johnson has also fit in nicely, even if he doesn’t have an epic fist fight with Vin Diesel this time around.


Also good to see Haywire's real-life MMA fighter Gina Carano

Also former MMA fighter (now actress) Gina Carano would completely destroy me in a fight.




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