“Nothing to Hide” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 2, Season 3)

2 10 2013

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“Nothing to Hide” could also have been called “Man Has Worst Day Ever.” Over the hour, we saw one data broker’s personal and public life being stripped away in deadly and callous ways (world’s most awkward anniversary party, anyone?).  Along the way the plot brought up some legitimate concerns with technology and our loss of privacy. I’m not even sure how the writers wanted us to feel about the POI; one minute he was super pitiable as a victim, the next he’s acting like a dirt-bag again. This was Exhibit A of why Person of Interest is not simply serialized- there’s still plenty of strong self-contained stories to tell, and this particular one played out like a thriller.

That’s not to say there weren’t any overarching story developments. Carter finally unknowingly met the HR boss (at Cal’s grave, no less), and gosh I think it’s about time for the boss to have some kneecaps taken out. She also has a new rookie partner- which sounds cliche, but I can see a show like this making good use of such a character, and he comes across as genuinely likable. Finally, yet another shadowy organization reared its head at the end, who seems to be something like Anonymous on steroids and with assassins. Well, put them on the villainous group shelf next to HR, Decima Technologies, and Control. Here’s hoping we get some faction fighting in the future.

Bear and Finch Nothing to Hide

A Finch and his Bear.

Points of Interest:

1. What’s the point of Bear being your guard if he lets people hit you with wine bottles? Bad dog!

2. Shaw seems to be fitting in more with the group- that said, I hope Fusco’s character doesn’t get shafted out of too much screen time. He’s good for more than comic relief, and I’d hate to see him get crowded out.

3. No Root or Elias this time around. That’s perfectly fine- better not to overuse these characters. I do wonder what happened with her therapist though…

4. There seems to be a subtle shift in the tone of the show post-NSA scandal, in how they portray technology invading privacy. The Machine is even more morally ambiguous in its free state, and of course this whole episode showed how easily personal info can be abused, and how some people will act to stop it.

5. Good stuff so far. Here’s hoping this season continues this upward slope.

Bear’s Final Score

POI four half bear




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30 10 2013
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