“Lady Killer”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 3, Season 3)

9 10 2013

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Tonight’s POI was all about the ladies- both the charming and sociopathic ones. “Lady Killer” focused on a smooth rich playboy who may or may not be killing the women he stalks on social networks. While that may sound like familiar TV ground, Person of Interest isn’t in the business of the familiar, so instead we got an episode with as much humor as twists. Instead of following him around like they did with a similar setup in an earlier episode, Reese and Finch decided to “stack the deck” with their three assets-Shaw, Carter, and Zoe- playing bait for a potential serial killer. Somehow, this ended up as a setup for several humorous bits.

One of Person of Interest‘s qualities is its strong female roles that go against the tired old stereotypes on standard television, and that’s what made this episode work. These three characters aren’t damsels in distress, nor are they swooning over the male leads or merely eye candy. “Lady Killer” showed how different they really are and used that for comedy (my favorite part was when Carter got so excited about Shaw’s gun, prompting Zoe to show the taser John got her). Shaw literally scaring the POI away by trying not to look angry was great.

And then, we have Root pulling the serialized part along. It’s nice to have more Amy Acker as a regular wild card, and seeing her be creepy and dangerous, yet not killing those in her way was an interesting development. One thing I’m not quite sure about yet is her sudden deification of The Machine, She normally referred to it as a person, so this is kind of a jump in status, eh? I’m hoping it will wear off, or at least the writers could work on their subtlety. We get it, Root thinks The Machine is a “she”- no need to say it every other line.


Zoe Carter and Shaw POI

Girls Night Out. Plus Fusco.

Points of Interest:

1. This may have been my favorite episode with Shaw, even if she looked so angry. Her challenging Reese to row the boat really seemed genuine.

2. Hersh (Boris McGiver) finally makes his appearance this season! Unfortunately, he’s not looking like much of a threat, getting gunned down by Root. Must be hard for a government assassin to get taken out by a hacker.

3. Bear seems to be the only thing Shaw cares about, with his new tough-looking collar and “cow femur” (great line by finch).

4. I liked that Finch didn’t understand Shaw’s quip about hipsters and ironic facial hair. It just seemed to fit the character.

5. Fusco never seems to get lucky in this show, not even in the club.



Bear’s Final Score

POI four bear




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