“Reasonable Doubt”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 4, Season 3)

16 10 2013

POI banner

The moral we can take from “Reasonable Doubt” is that a prosecutor should never marry a defense attorney. This week felt a little like Season 1 Person of Interest, when more episodes were spent not knowing if the POI was innocent or guilty until the very end. To be honest, it was kind of nice to have a legitimately difficult time knowing exactly who was the perpetrator (and no, I did not get it right at all). Somehow I never considered the final few twists, though I did think the POI was lying in a few spots during her vigilante trial. And what about the “justice” Reese decided to let happen at the end? Gray areas!

One thing I was right about, however, was that Carter’s new rookie partner is a dirtbag already in HR’s control. He went from almost likable to remarkably punchable in one scene. There seems to be are more crooked cops in this police force than Gotham City. Besides that detail, there was practically no serialized development with any of the show’s mythology- no Root or government schemes, and Elias seems to be enjoying the shadows for now. Since we’re already four episodes in this season, it may be time for a good shot in the arm with a non-procedural episode, like when Root captured Finch or Reese dealing with his old partner Kara Stanton (who may or may not be deceased, in my mind). Person of Interest is just as capable handling the big stories as the standalone episodes. However, this was still a solid episode with yet another twisty plot that kept me interested.


POI screenshot

Candid Family Portrait


Points of Interest:

1. Best line goes to the old guy at his computer- “Oh, no, the little wheel is spinning.”

2.  Shaw does not fit in with the book club crowd. No surprises therethose “pseudo-intellectual glorified trophy wives.”

3.  Fusco should be paired with Shaw more often. They’re quite the odd couple.

4. It took me forever, but I finally noticed Root is in the opening credits. Don’t judge me.

5. Did I mention I want that little two-face rookie to get his knees taken out by Reese?


Final Score:

POI three half bear




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