“Razgovor” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 5, Season 3)

23 10 2013

POI banner

Don’t mess with Carter. At least if you’re part of HR, because she’s tired of that crap. “Razgovor” was a shot in the arm for Person of Interest, because it’s one of those episodes with a solid case of the week that also naturally ties into the bigger picture. When a immigrant Russian girl’s number comes up, it’s up to Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) to protect her from mysterious thugs. Turns out, those are Russian gang members, who also happen to still be working with HR, and the girl’s got evidence tying them to a drug operation (bath salts, oh snap!) This turns into full-blown war with some Russians and HR getting some serious beatings from a pissed-off Reese and Shaw. I had flashbacks of Terminator movies when Shaw moved through the plant with a shotgun. Reese also had some, well, Reese moments, from the corn syrup to his classic Batman-style disappearance after pawning Officer Simmons.

The two stars of the episode really had to be Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Shaw though. We finally got to see a flashback of Shaw, highlighting her (tragic?) non-emotional state. She worked well next to the spunky little girl, who thought she “may be a robot.” With Carter, we finally pick back up on her overarching mission to take down HR, all the way up to the elusive head (who she unknowingly met earlier this season.) The end of the episode is where it all went crazy, with a very unexpected confrontation between her and her new partner/HR plant. She showed all her cards, let him know she had been on to him since his sorry butt “showed up in her squad car.” And then when the other HR thug pulls a gun on her, we see her shoot to kill- then blackmail the rookie for the murder. I’d like to submit this as maybe the best Carter moment of the series so far. It was good to see the writers not drag out the character being a snitch.

Finally, at the very end? With Root (Amy Acker) taking Shaw?! Looks like we’ve got another crazy ride on the POI train next week. With a tight plot and several strong character payoff moments, “Razgovor” was probably my favorite episode of Season 3 so far.

Rookie and Carter at Bar

He’s about to regret asking for that drink.

Points of Interest:

1. I didn’t even realize until the teaser, but where was Fusco this episode? Kinda miss that guy.

2. Traditionally, I haven’t cared for the episodes with children POI’s, but this young actress pulled it off better than others.

3. So Root’s recruiting Shaw according to the teaser. How does that even work? And how does Root not see that’s a very bad idea?

4. I loved the part where Finch listens to the “Gross!” tape. “Read the labels, Finch.”

5. After watching Simmons fight Reese, I’m inclined to think he has military background too. That was a much longer (and better) fight than I thought it would be.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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