“Mors Praematura” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 6, Season 3)

30 10 2013

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“Mors Praematura” again reminded me why I love this show so freakin’ much. Like last week, we had an interesting POI that ended up connecting to one of the story arcs (actually two, but we’ll get to that). Yeah, it was a good story with the estate investigator and him trying to find who killed his foster brother, but the more memorable parts of the show focused on Root (Amy Acker) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) working together, and the reemergence of the shadowy organization introduced earlier this season. Turns out these blokes call their group “Vigilance” and have a real thing for the American Revolutionary War. Picture a Tea Party splinter group that is nothing like the normal Tea Party member, in that they only care about government surveillance and privacy. Oh, and they’re skilled in hacking, assassinations,  and setting death traps of doom (never go into a random storage shed). It’s obvious now that they’re much larger in numbers than initially teased, so honestly I don’t think this problem will go away anytime soon.

Leave it to Person of Interest to juggle multiple story arcs and somehow tie them together. To be honest, I wasn’t completely into this episode until Root got into the cell beside the POI’s brother, and I realized the seemingly random plots were leading up to this. Why did The Machine keep both parties in the dark? What is the “third category” (besides relevant and non-relevant) that Root was talking about? My guess is the third category has something to do with The Machine’s new sense of preservation- Vigilance would want to take out The Machine if they knew it existed, and I dare say The Machine is gaining a bit of a personality (now that it’s not erased every night). Finally,  the show ended on an intriguing moment- the tables are turned and Root is now captive to Finch, right in the library, with an ankle bracelet and no technology. She almost looked like a bird in a cage, but how long will she be grounded?

Sarah Shahi Amy Acker POI Season 3

This can’t be good.

Points of Interest:

1. Carter’s relationship with the HR rookie took an interesting turn again, with him seeing what Simmons is willing to do to people. He even revealed there were 12 Russians planted in the police force (including himself). Could he become an ally?

2. Fusco had a super short appearance in this episode, giving Reese information. I kinda wish Reese wouldn’t treat Fusco so flippantly- after all hasn’t he proven his worth by now?

3. FYI, there are roughly a ton of factions out there that could come into play at any time: HR, Elias, Vigilance, Decima Technologies, Dirty CIA, Russians, and whatever category Root falls into. Just in case anyone’s keeping count.

4. Overall, good episode.

Final Score:

POI four bear




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30 10 2013

third category is necessary, like root said.

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