“The Perfect Mark”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 7)

6 11 2013

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Well, leave it to Person of Interest to (SPOILER ALERT) kill off a character at the very end. Poor Laskey, we were just starting to like you. Terney (Al Sapienza) it was your time, you big jerk, but at least you redeemed yourself at the end. “The Perfect Mark” was pretty much a standard, solid POI episode with a hypnotherapist as this week’s number. The trouble is, he’s also a con man who steals from his patients, one of whom happens to be a money launderer for HR, so guess who’s the potential victim? We got to see HR out in full force, looking for the guy who swindled them out of only 4.4 million dollars.

The twist at the end is Laskey actually became likable at the end. Oh, and right before Terney finds him and Carter looking at HR photos. And just like that, Laskey’s shot and Carter takes out Terney, and he actually reveals who the big boss of HR is before bleeding out. I’d say it’s a safe bet HR will be the spotlight of the next story arc. Also, Root’s (Amy Acker) being creepy again- even in her current imprisoned situation in the library. Honestly, I’m really interested in what’s in store for her character- she’s definitely beyond her initial position in the show’s rogues gallery.  The Machine has changed her- but is it for the better or worse? I mean, so far, no killing this season (which is good, right?), but now she’s sporting a total god complex towards The Machine (which is creepy, yes). Time will tell, eh?


episode 7 reese fusco POI

Men in the Suits.


Points of Interest:

1. Nice touch with the con artist getting conned by his girlfriend. Irony is a poor master (Zing!).

2.  Elias still waits in the shadows…but at least he’s got really good wine.

3.  Fusco appears again! But what about the preview for next episodes…

4.  Anyone remember last season? I feel like last season we would have already had several rerun days- about time they hung up that tomfoolery.

5. What in the WORLD is happening in the next few episodes? I swear, if Fusco gets killed off, we’re going to have some issues. Good gosh, a three episode arc sounds intense.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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