Person of Interest’s End Game- Will This Be The End of Fusco?

7 11 2013


Holy cow, Person of Interest ! For those that missed it, last episode’s ending contained a preview for a three-episode story arc with the ominous promise, “A Hero Will Fall,” set to the brooding song “Heron Blue.” Watch it. It’s dark- especially for this series. But, as Double Rainbow Man would ask, “what does it MEAN?!”

I’ve broken down all the possibilities I can think of below. Although Fusco seems to be in the most trouble, we may lose a different character instead. Let’s speculate, shall we?

Option 1: Lionel Fusco

Why they may kill him off-

Oh, boy. Will they kill off Fusco? He’s been around since the series pilot and has undergone quite a transformation from dirty HR cop to a lovable, genuinely good guy. And that’s just it- he’s almost been used only for comic relief and short scenes (boo!). He hasn’t been in any sort of arc lately, and his character’s become static. But!

Why they may not kill him off-

He’s a fan favorite. Every comment section on any fan site always bemoans the fact that he hasn’t been around as much this season (and even last season’s finale). Also, he has a purpose in the show. At the New York Comic Con, Kevin Chapman said this about his character:

“I think that’s one of the things that makes the show so interesting is that if you line each of the cast members up shoulder to shoulder there, are no two cast members alike,” Chapman said. “Everyone brings their own dynamic to the thing. What I think Fusco does is he gives it a sense of gravity. It grounds the entire piece. Just for the simple fact that you have this CIA operative, this billionaire – you don’t know how much money he has — you have this cop who has this military background but you’re not quite sure what her military background is. These are all characters that could very easily take flight into a place of disbelief. You see these characters and you see them unfold and then you see this schlep of a cop and you go, I see that. This looks real so the rest of it looks real and it brings the piece down and gives it a keep it to a place of levelness.”

Would they take this ambassador to the audience away? Also, he almost seems too obvious- since when has Person of Interest spoiled everything, or had not twists in the story? Why would they show him in the teaser so explicitly?

Option 2: Joss Carter

Why they may kill her-

Lately Taraji P. Henson‘s character has been driven by one thing only: taking down HR. With her knowing who the boss is now, it doesn’t seem like they can last much longer. So, would the writers decide that the most dramatic way to end the HR dirty cop saga would be to have Carter go out with them? After all, with Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker joining the show, there’s still plenty of female leads.

Why they may not kill her-

Because that would be insane! She’s part of the original four, has had incredible scenes lately, and don’t forget she’s had the longest evolution as a character- she hunted Reese for half a season. She’s got great chemistry with Reese as well, and honestly, I don’t know how they could fill the space that she would leave.

Option 3: Root

Why they may kill her-

Okay, I love Amy Acker, but a lot of people don’t. For some reason they just don’t enjoy an attractive sociopath running around the show (is that weird?). She’s also a new series regular, so the original four would remain intact. What if her delusion causes her to throw herself away?

Why they may not kill her-

She has had nothing to do with HR’s plot line at all, and the story arc is obviously about them. Not to mention, she doesn’t really match the “hero” description.

Option 4: Shaw

Why they may kill her-

Whoa, here we go! There’s a lot of hate out there for Shaw. A large amount of the more vocal POI fans dislike how she takes the spotlight away from Reese. By definition of her “disorder,” she doesn’t really have that much of a personality, at least not as much as the others, who experience normal emotions (except Root). She also is someone that the audience hasn’t invested too much emotion in either- she’s only been around about 10 episodes. Also, I could very much see her sacrificing herself to save Fusco from his peril.

Why they may not kill her-

They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to set her up as a character, and I’m not sure they’re finished yet, or how her death could advance anything (except maybe sending Reese on a warpath).  There’s also claims of fans seeing her present on recent filming sessions.

Option 5: Nobody Dies!

That’s right, what if it’s all hype and nobody is whacked? “A Hero Falls” could technically mean other things, such as going too far to the dark side, like Jack Bauer in the final season of 24. What if Reese or Carter goes too far trying to rescue Fusco or taking down HR? What if “A Hero Falls” just means Fusco tripping over Bear? If everyone makes it through alive, would you be ecstatic, or think it was a cop out? Personally, I wouldn’t be hurt if this proves to be a publicity stunt- just keep Fusco man around, please.




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13 11 2013
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[…] the end with Carter nearly getting shot down by the HR boss was so intense- it could be anybody, as I’ve already speculated. But now Reese’s face has been captured in an image, so he’s also a potential casualty […]

13 11 2013

Like you, I’m leaning heavily towards Carter. Shaw’s “I’m sorry, Lionel” could easily be her saying she’s sorry for Carter’s death. Root tells Finch she’s sorry for his loss and no way Finch and Reese die. Carter has undergone a huge transformation to basically becoming Reese, how does she ever go back to being a cop after that? No police agency will take her. While PoI likes the misdirect, they are making it clear (Nolan and Plageman) that finishing HR comes at a high cost, so someone is going to go. I’m thinking the misdirect is Fusco, when it’s Carter who ultimately dies. She’s already reconciled with Taylor’s dad, and Taylor is safely with him and looks happy and comfortable, so Taylor is all taken care of — other than grief and living the rest of his life without a mom that is.

We’ll know likely next Tuesday, but for now, I’m leaning on it being Carter. Which I both love (b/c it’s bold and takes care of all that Reese and Carter ship craziness) and hate, because I love Carter.

13 11 2013

Good points, an yeah yesterday’s episode made it look more like Carter’s time is coming, especially with her resolution with her ex. At this point I think it’s either her or Shaw, if they want to really come out of left field.

18 11 2013
Cromwell Enage

If the writers remain as attentive to detail as they’ve proven here, then Carter will stay until she figures out the word Sibilance (from No Good Deed, Season 1) and/or passes that tidbit on to Reese and Co.

14 11 2013

…What if its Bear?

14 11 2013


14 11 2013

… You take that back 😐

14 11 2013

I’m not sure why they’d sign on Shaw and Root as season regulars, only to kill them off. Although here’s hoping it’s Root. She’s just the least likeable in my opinion. I feel like there’s a lot more to Shaw’s story. A lot of potential so I’m hoping they won’t kill her off.

Killing off Reese or Finch would be unthinkable in my opinion.

As for Fusco and Carter, I wouldn’t be too bummed if it was Fusco. He hasn’t really had any major plot lines recently and as you pointed out, he’s really only used for comedic purposes. Carter is a bit more of a wild card. She’s almost on par with Finch and Reese, but her personal vendetta against HR has me thinking she’s a possibility.

14 11 2013

Fusco does make the most sense, but he was always one of my faves when they actually gave him stuff to do. So it’d be a bummer for me. Agree with Root though, she’s getting too creepy for her own good haha.

14 11 2013

My guess is Paul Carter. He’s a veteran (hero) who still appears to have feelings for Joss. They’re playing him up for some purpose. I’m thinking he’ll worry about her after the phone call, go to find her (inevitably in a sticky situation), & somehow sacrifice himself for her.

14 11 2013

I’m betting it’s Joss and her ex will be her replacement on the show. I love all the strong women on the show but we could use a bit more testosterone.

14 11 2013

I sorta like these theories with the ex. It does seem kinda random that they just introduce him now, right?!

20 11 2013
Creeper 65

They killed off Carter, I’m upset

20 11 2013

So upset…

20 11 2013
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