“The Devil’s Share”- Person of Interest Review (Episode 10)

27 11 2013

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This week Person of Interest came back with a vengeance, as it dealt with the fallout from (SPOILER ALERT) Detective Carter’s (Taraji P. Henson) death last episode. Each of the four remaining team members (I’m not counting Root as one yet) starred in their own flashback segments, showing their different ways to deal with grief. I enjoyed the Fusco (Kevin Chapman) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) moments the most, since they really dug into what makes each character tick (not to mention Shaw being a doctor, what?). And then we saw how each member planned to avenge Carter- or more specifically what they planned to do with (ex) Officer Simmons (Robert John Burke). (Hint: half of them wanted him to have a very violent end).

“The Devil’s Share” was not a typical POI episode in any sense, but then, this has been a standout story arc- we had several important characters die, including the first death out of the original four. HR, who has been a main antagonist since the pilot episode, has once and for all been toppled, and this had been building up for the entire season at the very least. So maybe a typical “number” episode would have felt out of place, even inappropriate given the enormity of the previous events.

Fusco and Reese (Jim Caviezel) stole the episode with their very different expressions of loss and choices that ultimately paid tribute to her character and what she accomplished. I do admit I always thought it would be Reese who took down Simmons in a fight, but honestly Fusco had just as much right after all the torture Simmons had put him through. A close second place goes to Root (Amy Acker) and her gleeful moments connected to The Machine. What is her deal? Whose side is she on? It should be interesting to see where her relationship with both The Machine and the numbers crew goes, but we’ll have to wait till next year to find out. All in all, this hour (and story arc) proved that Person of Interest can stand on equal footing with other serialized television when it chooses to go that route.

Someone wasn’t careful with that bowl of tomato soup.

Points of Interest

1. Root and Fusco in the back seat was hilarious, as was the multi-knee shootout. At least Bear likes her now, right?

2. Speaking of Root, there’s no way she’s going to be that handy each episode. They can’t have an omniscient guide every mission.

3. Reese had quite the Batman moment in the safe house, didn’t he? Hiding in the dark and blinding them like a boss.

4. It’s going to be weird the next few Carter-less episodes. She’s definitely going to leave a void, at least for a while.

5. Elias’ moment at the end perfectly summed up why I love his character- his comment about him liking Carter was humorous, but then he dived into a chilling monologue about why people like her had to be decent, while he (and Simmons) didn’t have to be. “I’m just going to watch” was a great line.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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