“Lethe” – Person of Interest Review (Season 3, Episode 11)

18 12 2013

POI banner

When I first found out that “The Devil’s Share” was not the mid-season finale after all, but instead “Lethe” would be the standalone last episode of the year, I was a little confused. How could they follow the gut-wrenching story arc that the last few episodes had followed? A simple person of the week formula would just be weird. Would this be some sort of Christmas special that would feel all out of place? Would Reese and Co. have to save Christmas by breaking into Macy’s, with Fusco dressing up as Santa Claus and Shaw his unwilling elf? WHAT DOES LETHE EVEN MEAN?! Luckily, once again the writers managed to surprise in an episode that showed us quite a bit about young Finch and dropped a bomb of a revelation, and we still had time to see a new big baddie revealed. Oh, and by the way, here’s the definition.

Carter’s death was still felt in this hour, with Finch and Reese actively not listening to The Machine. Since Reese (Jim Caviezel) was in Colorado, he kind of took a back seat in the weakest section of the episode- moping around a bar with Fusco (Kevin Chapman) trying to get him to snap out of it and shoot some people in the knees, darn it. The two interesting parts of the show came from Finch’s childhood (specifically his relationship with his father, who had struggled with a failing mind) and the person of the week. This POI was a former NSA worker named Arthur who worked with secrets, played by Saul Rubinek, who you may know from Warehouse 13. In that show, he played an NSA worker who was called “Artie,” who worked with secrets. Hmm. Cute, Person of Interest.

Anyway, turns out he is Finch’s old friend from MIT as well. The kicker? He also may have created his own Machine, similar to Finch’s, named “Samaritan” before it was supposedly canned. Talk about a plot twist. I immediately wondered if perhaps The Machine hasn’t been talking to Root at all- what if Samaritan has its own agenda and has been fooling Root? That would explain her suddenly referring to it as “she.” Anyway, just a theory. The second kick in the gut came a few minutes later when Control finally was revealed, with our old friend Hersh in tow. Then the episode ended in perhaps the worst cliffhanger so far, with Harold, Shaw and Artie in immediate danger. Curses! Overall, very strong episode with plenty of good flashbacks and twists.

rubinek POI emerson

Peek a boo.

Points of Interest:

1. Surprised at how Fusco held his own against Reese, even if Reese was slightly inebriated. Good thing the cop showed up, or he would have still eventually lost his kneecaps.

2. Root seems to be giving those sad little faces frequently during the last few episodes. How can you say no to those crazy little eyes?

3. The next episode is January 7th, which really isn’t that long of a break at all. Between that the earlier 10-week streak of  unbroken new episodes, I’m really liking this season’s scheduling.

4. Expect some nice faction warfare between Control and Vigilance in the future.

5. “We always knew you would be the one to change the whole world. So what did you end up doing?” “Insurance.”  Hah.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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