“4C”- Person of Interest Review (Season 3, Episode 13)

15 01 2014

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“Reese on a Plane” and “One More Blanket, Please” would sum up most of tonight’s episode, where we have a very John-centric story as he makes his last attempt to quit his job. I guess since Fusco found him in Colorado, he thought something more international would work. Of course The Machine has other ideas and manipulates him into a Relevant List assignment (which means instead of one life in danger, there’s hundreds). So is it food poisoning from the mystery meats being served on flight? Snakes released into the aisles? Assassins trying to take out a darknet drug dealer by crashing the whole plane if necessary? Yeah, that last one.

Person of Interest seems to effortlessly switch gears through the season. It’s a procedural, yes- but I would say the last few episodes prove it can handle serialized storytelling better than most serials out there. This hour was a return to the procedural roots with a few tie-ins to past events. More noticeably however, it was a return to the humor in the show and was definitely meant to be taken as a more “fun” episode. The only hang-ups this brought me were all the coincidences or handy items that the characters happened to have- the largest one being why in the world did Finch have airplane pilot controls in his closet? Couldn’t they at least address that (“I really enjoy flight simulators, Mr. Reese”)? How did Shaw find her old handler so easily (who she’d never meant). What was that miracle drug she gave Hersh that made him docile, amnesic and unable to lie (answer: plot device). Usually weak plot points are rare in POI’s writing, so that may have been why they stuck out so much this time. I dunno, I guess this episode was best when you just turned your brain on autopilot and enjoyed the ride (zing!). Sadly, it appears we do not have a new episode next week. Without searching on Google, I would guess it’s because of The State of The Union Address (thanks Obama!).

POI Jim Caviezel Season 3 Episode 13

“Salt and pepper hair is like catnip for soccer moms.”

Points of Interest:

1. I have a theory that maybe ol’ Hersh (Boris McGiver) may actually help Finch’s team before the end, judging from his curiosity on how well they were treating Shaw.  It wouldn’t be the first main villain to become a sort of frenemy (see Elias, Root).

2. Speaking of which, wonder what Root was up to this episode? Maybe getting a cochlear transplant?

3.  The best development this hour was Finch and Reese’s talk, which led to the end of Brooding Reese. Now let’s go shoot some grenade launchers!

4. Shaw reminds me of Jack Bauer when she makes some of her torture threats. And that’s not a bad thing.

5. I totally called the blond stewardess being bad through the whole show, right until the end when she actually wasn’t. Well played, writers.

Final Score:

POI three half bear


“Aletheia” – Person of Interest Review (Season 3, Episode 12)

8 01 2014

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Person of Interest refuses to get off the crazy train! “Aletheia” kicks off the second half of this season with a fast-paced explosive episode that stands out for a couple reasons. First, basically every dangerous faction that’s still around (minus Elias, but who knows what he’s up to) makes an appearance. Vigilance and Control’s forces clash at what appears to be a bank robbery, but what they really want is “Samaritan,” which was made and hidden by Finch’s old friend Arthur (Saul Rubinek). It was cool seeing the Vigilance leader Collier (Leslie Odom, Jr.) and Hersh (Boris McGiver) do some trash-talking over the phone and then have a short gunfight (although only the redshirts were taken out). It was one of the few times the show has really showed villainous groups fighting each other instead of just making trouble for Finch and Reese, and it makes sense considering how at odds each faction’s cause is by nature (control vs. privacy). And then, at the last minute, we get Decima Technologies not only showing up for the first time in months, but they also manage to get the copy of Samaritan. Good thing they won’t misuse that power or anything.

Secondly, did anyone else notice this was the first episode that there has been no number of the week? Sure, sometimes the writers have cheated a little and had the number be Reese or some main villain just so they could focus on the action. Even the story arcs have had a new POI each part. But this time, there was no POI at all, unless you count Arthur again, but I’m pretty sure everyone was in danger at some point.  This absence, as well as Reese and Fusco being out of the picture definitely made this hour feel different from the usual formula, but I like how it promises much more story developments to come. Speaking of developments, it’d be wrong to forget about Root (Amy Acker) and her side plot. Gotta admit, felt bad for her during the torture scene, but once she got back with The Machine she snapped right back into terrifyingly creepy mode. It looks like she’s nobody’s prisoner now, so expect some more clashes/team-ups (who knows with her?) before this season gets too much farther.

emerson poi

Better safe than sorry.

Points of Interest:

1. I wish shows and movies would stop having the main bad guy kill off a super capable henchman just to tie up loose ends. Especially when they always first ask, “Have you told anyone about X?” If you’re a henchman, that’s your hint to shoot first.

2. “If you were Reese, what would you be doing, Ms. Shaw?” “Besides brooding?” Ouch, Shaw.

3. However, I am about ready for Reese to snap out of his funk. Fusco can only give so many inspirational speeches.

4. Nathan got mentioned a few times, but will we get to see him in any more flashbacks? Or dare I even ask for a Carter flashback?

5. If Root had brought Bear with her, she never would have gotten captured.

Final Score:

POI four bear