“Provenance” Person of Interest Review (Episode 14, Season 3)

5 02 2014

POI banner

If Reese is Person of Interest‘s  Batman, than we just met Catwoman. The show returns to the number-of-the-week formula with “Provenance,’ with this POI being China’s version of the master burglar- all the way down to the flashy back flips and tight black clothing. She seems to have a thing for art pieces that have deep historical and cultural significance, but as it turns out, she and her daughter are actually the ones under threat. This leads to a heist-style episode reminiscent of the Ocean’s movies- except with the POI crew teamed up with Catwoman. So, this was obviously a slam-dunk  episode with that setup, right? (Sighs) No.

As with any television show, there are numerous directors and writers working on different episodes out of necessity. Usually this isn’t an issue (especially with this show), but then there are the days that it stands out like a sore thumb. I wanted to like this episode, but gosh some parts were so sloppily written. It’s like the writer just couldn’t be bothered to go more in-depth. Why were there random poles on the ceiling in the super-secure room that appeared to serve no physical purpose other than an easy entrance for, I don’t know, an ex-gymnast? (the show writer just winks). Once she got into the cage, how did she get out in mere seconds, while holding a giant Bible? It must have been awesome, but too bad they couldn’t show how. But, my main beef came when Reese shows up on the other side of the world easily rescuing Catwoman’s daughter from her handlers. If it was that easy, why the heck could they not have just done that at the beginning, and saved a ton of time and effort?

I don’t think these basic points are nit-picking. Normally this is an intelligent show with sharp writing, so parts like these are pretty hard to swallow. Has the fantastic last 5 episodes spoiled me? Maybe, but of course they all can’t be like the “Endgame” trilogy of episodes or even the great two-parter with Samaritan. Usually these procedural episodes are fun to watch, but I was hoping for a little more effort, especially since they haven’t been airing new ones lately (no new episode next week either).

POI Shaw

Sarah Shahi “updating her arsenal”

Points of Interest:

1. All critiques aside, there were still a lot of humorous moment that I enjoyed, mainly with Shaw (see above) or Fusco and his descent into heist jobs.

2. This was the second episode in a row to have a break from Root’s side plot. Anyone wondering what that crazy gal’s up to?

3. Will Catwoman become a recurring character like Leon ( Ken Leung )from Season 2? I guess we’ll see.

4. It’s safe to say that even a weaker Person of Interest episode is still better than most of those other shows out there (no bias here!)

5. It’s good to have Jim Caviezel back on the team, isn’t it? Also, very nice gesture towards Carter at the end. We miss you, Taraji!

Final Score:

POI two half bear




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