“Last Call” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 15, Season 3)

26 02 2014

POI banner

Welcome back, POI! The Olympics were great and all, but I was seriously needing my kneecap-shooting fix from TV, and figure skating just wasn’t doing it for me. I think we fans can agree that there have been far too many Person of Interest reruns this year, especially since it should be in full swing. Luckily, the programming lords have smiled down on us again and generously offered us a new number. This time, it’s a 911 operator, which already sounds better than the the generic Ms. Gymnastics-Master-Thief from the last new episode. Unlike “Provenance,” “Last Call” managed to keep my interest thanks to a premise and pacing that made this feel more like a thriller movie than an hour of television. The plot was still somewhat theatrical, but it still seemed more grounded in reality thanks to less glossing over plot holes by the writers. It was suspenseful watching a tech master criminal (let’s call him Evil Finch since we have no name) pulling all the strings to control the operator, and then disappearing into thin air. With all the technological tricks he used, there’s a chance he was never in New York City at all. To be honest I was surprised that they introduced a new recurring villain so soon, unless of course he’s just there to take Root’s old spot (hacker nemesis for Finch).

Apparently Fusco (Kevin Chapman) is getting a new partner, and although they were featured in a sizable side story, I’m still not really sure what I think of him or what kind of character he’ll be. Right now he just seems kind of bland, but hey it’s just his first time! Anyway, Fusco has to have someone to talk to in the station, now that Carter is gone from that setting. Speaking of missing girl power, where has Root (Amy Acker) been these last three episodes? Here’s hoping we’ll see her crazy face next time!

Michael Emerson POI

Points of Interest

1. Nice trap by Finch in the generator room. If it was Shaw, I think she would have dropped the wire in the water anyway.

2. It was weird getting introduced to Fusco’s new partner and not having to worry if he was with HR or not, wasn’t it?

3. How cold do you have to be to strap a time bomb to a kid, and then just walk away like you just preset the oven? Geez. Also, why blow him up? Aren’t there other less expensive ways that don’t depend on a timer?

4. Overall, I was relieved that this episode was up to par, although I am still curious as to what the writers are going to do with the main story arcs.

Final Score:

POI four bear




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