Non-Stop Review

4 03 2014

Liam Neeson

Joining the ranks of movies that dampen the public’s love of flying, Non-Stop reminds us that, even in a plane, Liam Neeson can still thrash people while maintaining his charming Irish accent. It’s an action/suspense movie that has managed to give Liam yet another week in the top box office position (the first being his role as Bad Cop in The Lego Movie). So does this flight take off or does it leave us all feeling like we just ate Delta Airline’s idea of a meal?

Bad Cop Liam Neeson Bill

Bad Cop in a Plane!

Federal air marshall Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) gets contacted over text by a mysterious person, who threatens to kill one passenger every 20 minutes unless 150 million dollars are transferred to a specific bank account (yes, we see stop watches continually throughout the movie). From that setup, it’s off  to a pleasantly well-done game of cat and mouse with a strong whodunnit feel. The majority of movie plays off the question, how would you find a silent killer in a crowded plane? Could it be  that passenger, the pilots, the crew, or that little girl with her teddy bear? And is Julianne Moore‘s character Jen Summers helping or thwarting his efforts?

Bill Marks Nancy

Discussing in-flight meals.

My only complaint about the movie would be the final 15-20 minutes. We finally realize what’s going one, but then the movie goes to crazy town and never quite leaves. Of course, I’m giving it a small pass since this is partly an action movie, but after the relatively quiet tension of the rest of the movie, it just feels a little too bombastic. That said, my favorite Liam Neeson moment was in the finale, where he straight-up Liam Neesons someone in the coolest way possible. My theater applauded, and Liam’s name became a verb for epic take-downs. It is interesting how Liam Neeson almost seems to have his own genre at this point, but that’s not a bad thing.

Professor Trelawney

Julianne does her best Professor Trelawney impersonation.

I would place this as the finale of Liam Neeson’s unofficial action trilogy- Taken, Unknown, and now Non-Stop (Taken 2 never happened). While it does dial back on Liam Neeson-ing thugs, the suspense was enough to keep me focused the whole movie.  If either of those earlier movies brought you joy, than now is the time to buy your ticket, post-haste!

Liam Neeson sign

This billboard is Liam Neesoning this building.




One response

5 03 2014

Neeson and the rest of this supporting cast gives the material some levity, so at least it has that, and a bunch of fun going for it. Good review.

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