“RAM” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 16, Season 3)

5 03 2014

POI banner

“RAM” was a juicy piece of red meat for fans who have followed POI since the beginning. Flashbacks, cameos, and intriguing revelations all played out in an hour that reminded me why I enjoy this show so much. “RAM” (Random Access Memory) was an appropriate title, since the entire episode (minus the last couple of minutes) was set in 2010.  What happened in 2010? It’s more like what DIDN’T happen in 2010. We got to see almost everyone (sorry NYPD) in their earlier stages- Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Kara (Annie Parisse!) are still hunting down targets for the CIA, Control is pulling all the strings, and Finch (Michael Emerson) has a different man in a suit working for him. Oh, and the POI is a hacker that managed to get in the back door of The Machine. So yeah, all crazy good stuff.

It really seemed like the more interesting character was not the POI but Mr. Dillinger, the pre-Reese, if you will. He was definitely the jerk version of Reese, but it was fun seeing how different his methods were, and how they usually worked. However, he clearly did not fit the hero mold, taking kill shots instead of kneecaps and using manipulation to achieve his personal goals. I thought he might turn into a sort of recurring character or even villain, until he double-crossed Finch and ended up getting shot by a Northern Lights operative named…Shaw.

There were several big moments for the whole POI mythology here. One was the answer as to why part of The Machine’s code was sold to the Chinese, and why Reese and Kara were burned by their handlers. The second was when Finch chose Reese to be his next assistant. Finally, Root (Amy Acker) made her return appearance at the very end, and confirmed a rumor going around that The Machine is assembling some sort of secondary team. Apparently the hacker from 2010 is to go to Columbia to join the hacker Jason Greenfield, who was rescued by Root in an earlier episode. Why is The Machine gathering computer guys? Stay tuned!


Kara Stanton Caviezel

How about we go to Arby’s for once?

Points of Interest:

1. The only thing that could have made this episode better would have been a Carter appearance. I know that she wouldn’t have fit in with the plot (at least at that point in history), but wouldn’t it have been cool to see her show up briefly at one of the crime scenes?

2. I admit I barely noticed Shaw was absent until about 10 minutes left, right before she showed up and demolished everything and everyone. Dang, good thing she didn’t see Harold, or she would have cancelled Person of Interest before it began.

3. I love how Bear got an under-the-table reference with Dillinger’s suggestion that Harold get a dog. Finch’s silent reaction was priceless.

4. Things are finally picking up steam again, and CBS decides to just rerun next week?! For shame!

5. Kara was darkly funny the whole hour. I’m glad she didn’t have time to use Mr. Piggy the hammer.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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