“/” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 17, Season 3)

19 03 2014

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“/” has also been labeled “Root Path” on other sources, but honestly they could have just called it “Root Episode” or even “Root Becomes a Cyborg” if they were feeling cute. Person of Interest definitely enjoys mixing up the formula unexpectedly (such as last week’s episode that occurred all in the past), and this week started with an example of just what Root (Amy Acker) has been up to these past few weeks. She’s become quite efficient with her link to The Machine, as each mission seems completely random or coincidental in its plan, but is obviously being controlled by the artificial intelligence behemoth. But when her mission sparks an Irrelevant number, Finch (Michael Emerson) and crew have to decide how to handle her, or if that’s even possible anymore. She decides to stay solo, until both Decima and Vigilance crash the party. It turns out that janitor whose number came up is a pretty important guy, and Greer (John Nolan) and his Decima Tech have figured out a nifty way to cut The Machine’s link to Root. What’s a reformed(?) psycho hacker killer to do? Short answer- learn how to play nice with Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch, and maybe also get a surgical implant that will permanently keep her in tune with The Machine. Yep, Root’s sort of a cyborg now.

There were some great story developments and character moments in this episode. Unfortunately Decima Tech stole the key piece of hardware for their Samaritan AI, which if completed would place all of the main characters in immediate peril (do I smell a season finale?). Just as game-changing, however, was Root and Finch’s  little heart-to-heart in the Finch Cave. I suppose the main question is if she was manipulating him or if she really does feel deep regret for past actions. I’m pretty sure her protectiveness of Finch isn’t a show at the very least. He ultimately suggested they collaborate a bit more, which is probably a good idea, with her being so omniscient now and everything. Is there really a choice at this point? Anyway, if it keeps Amy Acker around longer, I’m on board.

I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Root’s now almost unstoppable, so the writers obviously have to keep her away from NYC for some of the time, or else Finch and Reese’s job just got super simple. She has the closest thing to superpowers that this show will have (even with Batman Reese), so they would have to curb her abilities somehow if she ever becomes a full-fledged member of the team.

Amy Acker / Root Path POI

Computer Class 101.

Points of Interest:

1. Fusco’s nicknames for different people are always a highlight. “Coco Puffs” for Root is probably one of my favorites.

2. I love how Person of Interest‘s show runners alter the opening when it suits the episode, from rewinding in last week’s flashback episode to Root taking over narration this week. Not every show adds these extra touches, and it’s pretty classy.

3. There were a lot of funny quotes this hour, with one standout being Reese’s “I think she likes you, Finch.” Also, Shaw’s little adventure with Vigilance proved humorous somehow as well.

4.   Seriously, this show has one of the best rogue’s galleries on TV. You never know which complex villain will resurface, whether a faction baddie like Vigilance and Decima Tech or a grayer villain like Elias or Root. Or is Root even a villain anymore?

5. What do you think- can we trust the new-ish Root? Comment away!

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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