“Allegiance” – Person of Interest Review (Episode 18, Season 3)

26 03 2014

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Once Person of Interest gets on the track to the finale, you should expect every episode to tie in somehow and raise the stakes. This was certainly true for “Allegiance,” which followed Maria Martinez, a government contractor who has something to do with missing cooling generators. Because I know how the writers like to guide us towards the finale, my very first thought when I saw “Cooling Generators Missing” was Decima and their construction of Samaritan. Turns out my hunch was right, but the appeal of this episode was by no means tied to that twist.

It’s not like Decima came in unexpectedly either- our favorite cute psychopath/new good girl Root (Amy Acker) was stalking Greer (John Nolan, yes Christopher’s uncle) from the beginning of the episode till the end. When she finally teamed up with Bear (best duo ever!) and cornered him, he made an interesting case for her to join him. Root seemed to contemplate the offer, which seemed a little odd since Decima Tech’s whole goal is to control or shut down The Machine. This scene sort of echoed last week’s encounter between Vigilance and Shaw, when Collier asked Shaw if she wanted to join their cause (that didn’t turn out too well for them). Are the writers just trying to pair the heroes up with their own nemeses, or are is there a chance somebody’s allegiances could actually change?

Anyway, I found the number of the week’s story to be interesting but a little overly complicated. With just 45-50 minutes of run time, it can be hard to pack so many twists and characters into an episode without feeling too busy. Normally POI handles this quite capably, but this time it was all a little much, and I’m still not sure what the French Legionnaire were really doing in the mix. That said, the later scene between Fusco (Kevin Chapman)and Shaw (Sarah Shahi)at the restaurant was almost touching as we saw a rare sweet moment from Fusco. Also, the fight scene where Reese (Jim Caviezel) goes all Batman and jumps out a window? Awesome sauce.


fireman jim caviezel chapman

The fire drill takes a dark turn.


Points of Interest:

1. Speaking of the land on a car moment, this is why Batman has a cape for gliding.

2. Best exchange- “Stop blowing the fire horn, Fusco.” “I’ve wanted to drive one of these since I was a kid.”

3. For you sharp eyed people, yes, Maria Martinez was one of the names in last episode’s list of targets, if Samaritan were to go online. Her probability of death was around 80%. Case solved, I guess.

4. Part of me is hoping Samaritan gets turned on, just so we can see two AI’s go at it. I’m not even sure what that would look like…

5. I’m pretty sure the UN’s security is a little tighter than letting someone fire two smoke grenades through a window. But hey, it’s Shaw.


Final Score:

POI three half bear




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