“Most Likely To…” – Person of Interest Review ( Episode 19, Season 3)

2 04 2014

POI banner

Person of Interest struck comedic gold this week by splitting up the team into two pairs with their own story lines and then watching the character moments happen. Finch/Fusco and Reese/Shaw (let’s call them The Odd Couple and Mr. and Mrs. Smith) never really ran out of funny bits, even though they both had quite a few intense moments. “Most Likely To…” saw the privacy terrorist group Vigilance stepping up their game and blowing up a government worker right at the beginning. But we all know the numbers never stop coming, so Team Machine had to divide their resources- Finch and Fusco followed up the Vigilance lead in Washington, D.C.. while Reese and Shaw protected the new POI (much to their chagrin). Their disappointment reached new lows when they realized the number (LOST and Dark Knight actor Nestor Carbonell) was attending his high school reunion for the whole weekend, leading to deliciously awkward moments. This fueled most of the laugh out loud segments, as Shaw and Reese both had to impersonate their covers (who had been actual classmates) through bowling tournaments and dance nights. Oh, and bed bugs.

Finch and Fusco’s time was a bit more secondary in showtime given, but was ultimately more important to this season’s big picture. They broke in and stole information about Northern Lights, only to have Vigilance take it from them. This led to a series of events that included part of Northern Lights going public and Control pulling the plug on the program (for now). I’ll admit, I did not see her calling it off when she picked up the phone. I was sure she was calling good ol’ Hersh to knock off the Senator. Why in the world has she supposedly given up so quickly? Perhaps her and her “black hooded goons” are just going dark until they can take out Collier ( Leslie Odom Jr. )?

Anyway, the number of the week was arguably the most entertaining in a while, and even turned into the first perpetrator (though with arguably good reason) in what seems like months (why have they all been victims lately?). This was also one of the funniest hours this season, between Shaw and Reese being so alike in training but outrageously different in personality, to Finch and Fusco trying to find common interests, and of course Root (the always welcome Amy Acker) so happy about her new FBI badge. Three episodes are left, and all the pieces are now moving.

Nestor Carbonell POI

Most likely to kneecap you.


Points of Interest Best Quotes of the Night:

1. “You’re like two scary ninjas fighting!”

2. “What happened to Phil?”

3. “When did Phil become a terrorist?!”

4. “Are you still the swing dance king?” Reese: “I don’t like to show off.”

5. Fusco to Finch: “All right, AC/DC or Dixie Chicks?”


Final Score:

POI four half bear




2 responses

2 04 2014
Finchinator (@Ayush_A)

One Correction its 4 episodes left as this season is of 23 episodes 🙂

2 04 2014

I’m very happy to have that corrected. It’s like finding an extra Christmas gift under the tree…

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