“Beta”- Person of Interest Review (Season 3, Episode 21)

30 04 2014

POI banner

Tonight’s Person of Interest featured the world’s scariest beta test in what could only be described as Big Brother on steroids. All-powerful computer AI “Samaritan” finally got to flex its prying resources, attempting to track down Harold. When this proves too challenging for the fledgling machine, Decima baddie Greer (John Nolan) shifts course and takes Finch’s only weakness- his old fiancee Grace Hendricks (played by Emerson’s actual wife Carrie Preston!). It’s always a highlight to see those two on the show, which is remarkable because many real-life couples just don’t translate well onto the screen.

Obviously another highlight was Amy Acker‘s continued joyful portrayal of Root. Her character has gone through the craziest story arc and I’m hoping the writers aren’t done with her yet. Watching her banter/interactions with Fusco and Shaw entertains every time. Plus, in a show filled with heroes who first had to be redeemed from a darker past, she’s turning out to be the character with the largest second chance.

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this hour- I didn’t even know if Grace would make it out alive with the way this season’s been going. The ending definitely shifted a different way than I think most people anticipated. So Finch is gone, stuck in Decima’s clutches, and we’ve still got one more episode and the finale! One thing I’m excited about was Greer’s passing remark on how they hadn’t  even fully activated Samaritan’s higher artificial intelligence functions due to hardware limitations. Well, guess that problem’s solved now, with both The Machine and Samaritan gaining some significant servers at the end of the episode. How much smarter could Samaritan get? It already looked like it followed The Machine’s processes- can’t wait to see how crazy things could get. Here’s to a giant omniscient AI war!


Carrie Preston Beta POI

This could also have been called “Grace’s Bad Day.”


Points of Interest:

1. Detective Stills will always live on as a foolproof fake ID. It’s  cool that the writers keep referencing the pilot.

2. My favorite part was probably Reese’s “surprise interrogation,” with Fusco grinning outside.

3. A little meta-humor with Reese explaining to Shaw that he “would just have kneecapped that guy.”

4.  Where’s Bear? If only they could use him to track down Finch, Lassie-style.

5. This show continues to impress. “Beta” could easily have been a season finale, but nope, we’ve got two more. Stay tuned!


Final Score:

POI four half bear





4 responses

30 04 2014
Marlene Curran

Thanks for this blog. Always enjoy your point of view.

30 04 2014

Thanks! Good to know somebody enjoys the my fanboy ramblings hah.

1 05 2014

The title of the season finale is “Deus ex Machina”, and theorists can go to town on that! I am guessing the season’s end-game will see the Machine somehow encompassing Samaritan and creating a new AI, possibly with new (or altered) purposes. Would love it if the final scene is us hearing the machine actually talking to Finch in the voice that Root hears!

2 05 2014

Super possible- I like how every finale seems to change the status quo instead of just having a random cliff-hanger like some shows.

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