“A House Divided” – Person of Interest Review (Season 3, Episode 22)

7 05 2014

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Rejoice Person of Interest fans, for the finale saga is in full swing. “A House Divided” brought back numerous old POI’s and villains, turned alliances around, and even shut down New York City’s power just for kicks. We started the hour off with not one, not two, but five numbers who are connected by a deep interest  in The Machine and Samaritan. This meant Team Machine each had their own issues to tackle.

First of all, Vigilance is on a warpath and attempts to take out or kidnap major government players (including Control), succeeding by the end of the episode despite Shaw’s best  efforts. We saw some nice background info on Collier (Leslie Odom Jr.), who previously had been one of the more under-developed villains. Turns out he’s only been doing this whole terrorism thing since 2010 or 2011, and honestly he has a pretty good reason to be ticked off at Uncle Sam’s Orwellian Machine. He also was studying to be a lawyer, which is relevant to part two’s focus.

Captive Finch essentially chats with Greer the majority of the time, but surprisingly these moments are some of the highlights because it showcased some great writing coupled with stellar performances from Michael Emersonand John Nolan. Greer’s story about seeing a sunset when the sky was actually “on fire” from bombing was perfect. The series of exchanges between the two really shed light on both men and their stark differences.

Finally, Root (Amy Acker) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) mixed gun-play with hacking skills, with Root revealing her aces- a hacker team comprised of past persons of interest. Oh, and those seven servers she lifted from Decima? Not sure what her plan is with those, but as the show ended we’ve got her and them outside Samaritan’s server building. It was fun have the least-friendly members of the team having to play nice to save Finch.

What really will have people talking happened at the very end (of course). After Collier takes Greer, Finch, Control and others captive, he reveals that he has a somewhat theatrical trial planned for them, with a very swift punishment for those deemed guilty. Shaw and Reese are now momentarily working with Hersh (Boris McGiver) to make the most butt-kickin’ rescue squad ever, but will they be too late? Obviously I don’t see Finch getting killed off, but there are two other main characters on trial. Also, I can’t help but be a little concerned for Root, who has grown on me this season (thanks to Amy Acker). If the whole Samaritan storyline is resolved (not a given yet), what purpose would she have on the show? I’d hate to see her get written off. What do you think, is this a crazy theory or a real possibility? Either way, get ready for an insane final hour next week.

Root Reese Amy Acker Jim

The Odd Couple


Points of Interest:

1. Poor Fusco always seems to get the short stick on appearances. It makes sense though this time- this finale series is all about The Machine, and Lionel has nothing to do with that aspect. I’m still holding out for at least one humorous moment with him next hour.

2. A lot of people say this show reminds them of Batman, and to be fair there are certain similarities (such as the same writer). I couldn’t help but think of Harvey Dent/Two Face and his twisted “trials” when I saw next week’s promo with Collier. Hey, I’m not complaining.

3. Root and John actually work quite nicely together, with Reese’s no-nonsense BA face complementing Root’s crazy eyes nicely.

4. We have a confirmed Bear sighting in next week’s promo. Woot!

5. John Nolan can make any line sound ominously cool.

Final Score:

POI four bear




One response

7 05 2014
Daniel Drummond

I agree, we need a Fusco sighting in the season finale at least!

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