“3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.” – 24 Live Another Day Review (Episode 5)

2 06 2014


Any 24 episodes without any “Bauer Moments” are generally not standout hours, and with Jack in custody, this was such an hour. However, the 3-4 PM time slot did treat us to the next best thing- a “Everyone Realizes Jack Was Right” moment. I high-fived myself (a side effect of watching days after the air time) during the whole moment of revelation for President Heller (William Devane) and crew. You have to wonder, how many millions of lives does Jack have to save before they take him at his word? Heller especially has seen all of Jack’s crazy schemes foil terrorist plots and corrupt politicians, so you think that if Jack Bauer told them about an attack they’d send the whole army. No wonder he looks so depressed.

Speaking of inefficient governments, Kate is off the case, again, even after discovering the drone hacking plot (I really hope our government isn’t this absurd). Obviously, she won’t be out for long, and neither will Jack. One person who won’t be back, however, is of course Naveed (Sacha Dhawan). I’m pretty sure there were no more dumb decisions for him to make at this point. Why did he marry into the psycho family? Why did he trust his psycho wife Simone? Why was he so careless in front of Ian? We’ll never know, and unfortunately his death was tragically sad as he realized how hopeless his life had become.



 Extra Time:

1. This was  a shorter review today since I was delayed in my viewing. Tomorrow will be up by midnight.

2. The misdirection with the estate location was well done, and hopefully Director Steve (Benjamin Bratt) makes it out. He’s actually proven to be a decent field director in a show that’s been filled with inept or corrupt authority figures.

3. Margot is still crazy as balls.

4. Chloe made the right decision, but will it cost her later?

5. This wasn’t the best episode yet, but now all the pieces are in place. There’s still 5 drones out there…


Final Score:






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