“4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.” – 24 Live Another Day (Episode 6)

3 06 2014


First of all, let me say the last quarter hour tonight was classic 24 goodness. Jack finally teaming up with Kate ( Yvonne Strahovski ) for a crazily suicidal mission was easily the most tense moment of the season thus far. I realized how much I didn’t want Kate to die during the torture scene, and honestly it looked like she was about to be written off the season suddenly in typical 24 fashion. This added a good deal of tension to Jack bluffing his way through several agonizing minutes, and made the finale gunfight all the more satisfying when Kate offed her own captors. And then in the last few seconds (of course), we get the big mole reveal- Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt), basically the last person I was predicting due to his previous commendable behavior. He’s stuck up for Kate, but now it looks like he’s responsible for framing her husband. This season really has gotten the whole loathsome villains thing down, eh?

On the other side of the story, we have the continuing tale of the world’s most dysfunctional terrorist family. Naveed may be in the ground, but Margot (Michelle Fairley) thought it would be a nice touch to take out his sister as well. And why not send her own recently widowed terrorist daughter to do the deed? What could possibly go wrong? Well, Simone played with our expectations for a while, and finally decided to save the sister but ended up murdering her instead (you kinda had to be there). Once her daughter saw and ran out the door and Simone gave chase, I could tell someone was about to lose a game of Frogger crossing the street. Simone ended up being the one to catch a bus the wrong way, and by the looks of the preview it’s off to the ER for her and Bauer. Oh, and what about those Russians? So much stress!


episode 6

Mother Dysfunctional


Extra Time:

1.  Sometimes 24 has been criticized (rightly) for characters changing their minds suddenly. We knew President Heller would let Jack go eventually, but at least this change of heart can be attributed to the failed SWAT op and his own weakening mental state.

2. Stephen Fry is finally getting some screen time, and is convincing as a Prime Minister who’s tired of this crap.

3. Navarro may be a mole, but is he with the terrorists bombing London or some outside group? It’s obvious he was unaware of the drone trap, so it’s more likely he was working with the government that Kate’s husband was accused of dealing with. Time will tell just how much we’ll have to hate this guy.

4. Point goes to Kate for best take down of the episode.

5. Point goes to Heller for best quote- “Well, put her back in the field! Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her!”

Final Score:





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