“Day 9: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM” 24 Review (Season 9, Episode 7)

10 06 2014


“Game of Drones” continued to gain steam tonight in a Michael Bay-inspired episode. The standout moment was definitely the drone chase from the hospital to the streets of London, as Margot (Michelle Fairley) demonstrates that some parents use drones to discipline their children when they disobey. I don’t care if we knew Jack wasn’t going to get plastered everywhere in a fiery explosion- or if they might have been product placing that car- the whole sequence could have been in a summer blockbuster and looked great.

What wasn’t great was poor Boudreau (not) and his self-made predicament with the Russians, specifically Deputy Minister Walrus Thug. The Russian diplomat with the impressive ‘stache is putting on the pressure for Bauer’s head. You really have to wonder how Boudreu could have been so dumb as to forge the President’s signature, but if it means he gets taken out, that wouldn’t be a terrible thing for Mr. Jerkface.

Finally, it turns out Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) is Steve Navarro’s contact who helped him sell secrets to the Chinese. I wasn’t surprised to find out he was a badder guy than we at first were told, but honestly I didn’t see him working with a government official like Navarro. Their endgame seems to have nothing to do with Margot’s terrorism attacks, so this could become interesting. To be honest I was hoping the voice on the phone would turn out to be Tony, but that was a long shot and I’m not sure fans would like that. Anyway, President Heller (William Devane) seems ready to surrender himself after Stephen Fry’s stern talking. Will he go through it? Would they really knock off his character? It’s 24, so anything could happen.


Jordan's bad day begins.

Jordan’s bad day begins.


Extra Time:

1. Best quote goes to Jack Bauer- “She wasn’t going to talk anyway” after making Simone pass out. I love how he can defend any action…

2. Navarro must have gotten his hit man at a discount website. So close and yet still a miss.

3. Did they ever reveal who warned Choe to get out of the hideout? I thought it was Adrian but not sure if he really would have cared that much, knowing what a two-face he is now.

4. I’ll be mildly upset if President Heller gets offed next week. He’s been a great character and I’m hoping he’ll be around the whole day, even if he pulls a Mrs. Bauer at the very end.

5. The London setting is still working to keep things fresh and different from previous seasons. Cheers to the writers on that one!


Final Score:





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