“7:00 PM-8:00 PM” 24: Live Another Day Review (Season 9, Episode 9)

24 06 2014


Jack’s got a Presidential pardon, and he’s gonna ride that bus until those wheels fall off. Episode 9 answered the question, what happens when you give Jack Bauer free reign? Well, let’s ask the Al-Harazi family, who opted to skip the stairs this time. Now yes, that was basically an execution, and blah blah blah that’s not great, BUT good grief that was a Bauer Moment to end all Bauer Moments, was it not?! Margot (Michelle Fairley) managed to get one more attempt at killing hundreds of people (including threatening her so-loyal son) before Jack finally decided to save a trial. In 24‘s world, flying out a window was a great ending for a such a memorably evil villain. Good job Michelle Fairley, and maybe you won’t keep dying in your TV shows in the future…

How awesome was that whole mid-episode gunfight showdown? It was so good that I forgot my misgivings about President Heller’s return. That’s right, I’m basically having to retcon the majority of my previous review, where I gushed about what a heroic sendoff that hour was for that character. The way they fooled us was even how I thought it would be, but honestly I didn’t think they’d go that route, mainly because of how less powerful the previous episode now is. That said, I don’t think it was cheap. With a show like 24, where main characters died before Game of Thrones made it cool, it really is a twist for a character to show up alive (minus Tony).

The death that did take me for surprise was poor Jordan, who was dead before the hour even began. Ironically, this makes the other part of last hour more meaningful- we witnessed Jordan’s murder, but we thought he’d pull through, or at least long enough to see Kate. Of course, this seamlessly and quickly brought us to the season’s (maybe?) final villains- Navarro and Cross (Michael Wincott), who have been in plain sight the entire time. I like that they’re motives are connected to the original story (override codes/framing Kate’s husband), but they still were unconnected to Margot’s terrorist aims. Aaaaand I have no idea what Choe’s thinking with Adrian. Nope. I can accept your raccoon eye liner, but Cross as your love interest? Yuck.



Noooo Chloe.

Extra Time:

1. Best Quote goes to Belcheck (Branko Tomovic) – “I’m not an American citizen and we are not in America.”

2. Also about his name Belcheck- “Belcheck. Just one word. Like Madonna.”

3. Mark Boudreau hates Jack Bauer, so hard.

4. I remember thinking, “Chloe’s finally losing some of that overblown makeup.” And then she reapplies. Sigh.

5. Could we please have more of Stephen Fry’s Prime Minister?

Final Score:





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