“9:00 PM-10:00 PM” 24: Live Another Day Review (Season 9, Episode 10, 11)

13 07 2014


I know it’s getting redundant at this point, but I’m really enjoying this show’s return. Though it may just be a final treat for fans, I can safely say that all my initial misgivings about bringing it back have been eliminated faster than a terrorist fighting Jack Bauer. That said, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon for the last two weeks. The finale is tomorrow, so that means I need to hurriedly put together a summary of episodes 10 and 11 thoughts. 

First of all, is anyone else surprised the Russians and Cheng are working together? I had been expecting Navarro and Adrien Cross to be the final villains, but gosh was I proven wrong. Live Another Day‘s final hours have really been burning through the rogues gallery, no? First Margot gets thrown out the window, next we have a satisfying trick confessional with Navarro, Adrien gets shockingly blown away by Cheng (!), and this last hour Russian Walrus Man got dominated by some glass shards. This leaves us with Cheng, one of the worst dudes Jack has ever faced. Here’s hoping for an epic death, because honestly this guy’s messed up.

This was a strong recovery episode for Chloe, who had been making less than wise choices lately. Way to think on your toes and make a successful escape, Ms. O’Brian. Now please stay alive for one more hour. And take off that ridiculous raccoon eye makeup.

Poor Mark Boudreau (sort of). He’s been so consistently slimy this series that I was surprised when I felt a little bad for him. During his whole confrontation scene with Heller and Bauer, I went from “heck yeah!” to “aw, he really wanted to do the right thing for his idol Heller.” Helping Jack with a crazy mission is a good first step (even if he did manage to get their only source of information killed). Will he make it through the last hour, or will Jack have a second chance with Audrey?

Speaking of Audrey, I’m so glad Kim Raver was able to return to the series. Of course the Cheng storyline gives her extra material, but this whole mini-season she’s balanced a lot of emotions quite nicely. I would be more than a little depressed if she doesn’t make it through.


24 Russian Sutherland

(Pew! Pew!)

Extra Time:

1. They need to explain why the Chinese sniper was waiting for Audrey and her contact. Was she followed, and if so, why was Cheng so interested in her? How did they know where she would be?

2. They’ve officially covered every type of 24 villain in just 12 hours- terrorist, mole, Russian, Chinese, misguided idealist. If they make a follow-up season, they’re going to have to think outside the box.

3. I actually felt bad for ol’ Adrien in his final moments, seeing his entire team destroyed and his plan to disarm the world backfire. He also gained points for letting Chloe know the truth about her family. Even if it was late, he didn’t have to tell her. Maybe he did care about her somewhat?

4. Again, if this is indeed the last we see of 24, PLEASE give some closure here. Maybe even give Jack a love interest who won’t get killed off in the last 5 minutes…


Final Score:





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16 07 2014
Delete Snapdo

Bring Jack Back, please, The 12 episode format is perfect. Lots of non-stop action. Next installment – Russian separatists gets hands on biological device – Russians release Jack to help stop the threat –

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