“10:00 PM- 11:00AM” 24: Live Another Day Finale Review (Season 9, Episode 12)

16 07 2014

Watch out London. (Slow Clap). This season’s finale managed to incorporate every part of what makes 24 one of the most legendary shows out there. The whole hour was filled with tight action scenes, plot twists, emotional whiplash, and major character deaths, resulting in TWO silent clocks. I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but I’m not sure they could have ended with a bigger bang- but they certainly could have ended on a higher note. And that’s the only thing keeping this from a perfect score for me. If there is no renewal for 24 next year, what we got was actually a lousy ending for show hero Jack Bauer. If there is a season 10 (fingers crossed), than the last few minutes would fall into the patented cliffhanger ending 24 seems to enjoy. More on that in a few, but what about the actual events this hour? And will we get another season of 24?

The biggest shocker of course came when Audrey was saved from the sniper, only to be unexpectedly gunned down by a second attacker. That just hit like a ton of bricks, especially considering how it finally looked like Audrey may have a happy ending…geez, just think about all her character has gone through. Big shout-out to Kim Raver’s emotional performance all throughout. Gosh, why do my favorite characters always get the ax?

The positive effect of Audrey’s demise came immediately when Jack heard the news. Yes, he had a great vengeful rampage through the ship, but before that we saw Kiefer Sutherland‘s best acting this season as he portrayed Jack’s spirit crushing in a long, unblinking shot. That moment was meant to be felt, and he delivered the despair. How much more satisfying did that make Cheng’s duel and ultimate head release?! Talk about dumb moves- never kill Jack’s love interest if you’re within 100 miles of him. He’ll find a sword and mess you up.

Mark, President Heller, and Kate may have made it through the day, but gosh were their final situations depressing. They finally made me feel bad for Mark Boudreau after the flash forward, he’s lost his wife (who he loved but controlled), his idol the President (who he thought he was protecting), and his freedom. And President Heller’s breakdown was awful, but even sadder was his final monologue with the Prime Minister. He had already forgotten who Audrey was once, and he knew soon he’d forget, well, everything about her, and during all of this we’re watching her coffin board Air Force One. Dang. I hate to say it, but it would have been so much happier if he had died and she had lived. I hate that tragic ending for both of these strong, classic characters. Man, the feels.

Chloe played a huge part this finale with several great scenes with Jack: her talk with him in the car, getting back into her tech support mode during that awesome ship infiltration sequence, and finally her final moment with Jack during the exchange. You could argue that moment was a sort of redemptive one for Jack, and at the very least it shows how deep their friendship has become.

All in all, I’d say the doubters of this show’s return have been silenced. This season was a return to the best days of the series, with twists and turns, slick action, and genuine emotion. While I hate the fate of some of the characters, that’s what makes 24 work- nobody is safe, and every threat can be felt. Jack may have stopped World War 3, but none of the characters will be the same. Here’s hoping the show’s announced appearance at Comic-Con soon will mean the announcement of Season 10.

Pre-Jack Rage Mode.

Pre-Jack Rage Mode.

Final Thoughts:

1. Could this be the best season of 24 yet? I’m not sure, but the very fact that many people are asking that question is a glowing review either way.

2. If there were another season (12 episodes are fine), who could they bring back? I feel like 95% of the characters are deceased. Maybe the Russian president, or Logan?

3. This whole season really worked well with 12 episodes- it cut the fat and moved the story faster.

4. Please bring Kate back!


Final Score:





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